What is the best option for setting up 4 zones? I will run a marantz sr 7011 but it is only capable of running 3 zones. 
4 zones, so I assume a main HT room and 3 rooms with a pair of stereo speakers. Difficult to say the best option without more information. How many channels for the home theater, 5, 7, or 9? Other than playing a source different from the HT in other the rooms, do you need the ability to play different sources in each of the rooms at the same time? Basically just looking for how you need to use the complete system as this dictates what other equipment may be needed and how to set it up.

Yes 1 HT room and I will probably run 7 channels. Everyroom don't have to play something different. I believe with the receiver I'm using I can play up to 3 different things so that's good enough for me. I want to be able to control the volume from the receiver so I don't have to add separate volume knobs in each location.  
Using the SR7011 with no other equipment, it can do 7.1 with 1 additional zone. To do both zones, 2 & 3, options are do 5.1 in the main room or with 7.1 in the main room, add an additional amplifier for zone 3. A simple setup with 7.1 in the main room is zone 2 speaker outputs to one room, then zone 3 preouts to an integrated amp with A/B speaker connections for the 2nd and 3rd rooms. Also, sometimes there can be issues playing digital source components in zones 2 and 3.

Have a look at Cambridge. They're very good for multi room/zones. 
As you can tell from my previous post, I prefer a wired sound. The SR7011 does give you a variety of wireless options with HEOS. You could just add the HEOS speakers in each room, or a HEOS amp with a pair of conventional speakers, or a HEOS link with conventional amp and speakers.