Multiple turntables

To those of you who have and use multiple turntables, how do you hook them to your system and what sort of stand or support do you use. I use different phono preamps running into an integrated amp, so each input is a different turntable/arm/cartridge combo. Others may use phono preamps that accept more than one turntable input. However, mounting multiple turntables have been somewhat of a challenge, since they take up a lot of room, must be accessible from the top and need a solid support. Anyone use a pull out shelf system?
I have three TT's hooked up.
I have separate phono electronics for each'
I have a Rega P5/Benz Glider to a Bryston BP 1.5 phono
Then a Kuzma Sogi S/Dynavector 17D3 to a Audio Research Sp-15 preamp i use just for the tubed phono section. (I love this preamp and just keep it around, I use it for the phono to keep it active and in use)
Then an old Dual Golden One/Dynavector Ruby via an Audio Research PH-2 I also love and want to keep in use.

I have two on a TV stand which matches the rest of my racks.I have the Rega on an old VPI sprung base, on patio blocks. The Kuzma also up an aa Teak like board (Brazilian wood, flooring sample, beautiful)
The TTs are 15 feet back from the speakers anyway. The third TT is just on a cabinet laying around.
Two turntables and four tonearms active into a stand-alone phono stage with 3 phono inputs and a preamp with 2 phono inputs. Everything is on Adona stands (4) and shelves (3 per stand), which I think are terrific.
Two turntables....6 phono input to Halcro DM10 preamp.
I simply reach behind the preamp, pull out the connected cables and insert the new ones.
Each pair of cables has colour-coded electrical tape for identification purposes and four of the arms have XLR terminations thus not requiring connection of a separate earth wire.
I can change arms/tables in 27 seconds flat :^)
Dear Manituc: I read in your virtual system that you own six TTs, I imagine for very good reasons.

If that's what you need then you need " room " for them no question about.

I too own several TT that I need to mount my " several " tonearms/cartridges and these tonearms/cartridges is the main reason about TTs.

When I started with I had only one TT with three mounted tonearm/cartridges. Then and over time I need where to mount more tonearms/cartridges and bought a second AS TT and after that the MS for four tonearms.
Yes, I need room for that but nothing complicated, you can see it at my virtual system.

Over time my needs goes down and now I have only four tonearms/cartridges mounted in two TTs and maybe this set up continue step down in the future because my needs/reasons goes down too.

My Phonolinepreamp permit only two cartridge inputs so I'm like Halcro: pull out the connected cables and insert the new ones.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I usually have two connected; a VPI [model varies] and a modified LP 12. The LP 12 serves as a constant as I don't sell them; the VPIs are for sale. The Linn is mounted on a very old Russ Andrews Torlite stand with Star Sound brass cones for feet. The VPIs are on top of my Star Sound rack on a SS turntable shelf. My Basis Phono stage has 2 moving coil inputs so both can be connected at the same time. I have one of the old VPI sprung base that Elisabeth mentioned but not using it just now.
I guess I have a fetish for turntable design, so when a deal on an interesting one comes up, I get it. However, over the past 6 months I have gotten 3 high end tables of my dreams, of differnt design theories, and love all three. Either one of them elevates my system considerably. Plus, they are works of technical art, representative of their designs.
I use a Simaudio LP5.3, P.S.Audio GCPH and McCormack Micro Phono along with the Phono section on my Classe CP-35. So my stand alone phono preamps feed into the line level inputs on my Classe preamp. Either that or to a Dussun V6i. this is in my den system, but I'd like to be able to run more than one table in the main system, which does require a certain WAF.
2 turntables, 2 Adona Zero GXT stands side by side with the oversize 19x24 multi element granite top shelves. Two arms at the moment, but room for a total of 5 arms. Two phono stages, one with one input, the other with two.
It does look way cool.
I don't understand why anyone other than a DJ would want multiple turntables.
To use different arms and cartridges and be able to switch between them instantly. Plus its fun.
Stringreen, One of the reasons is probable that they all
sound different.I use one TT (Kuzma S.R.) but with two tonearms. My Basis Exclusive phone-pre has two independent connections so I don't need to do the(risky) gymnastics like Halcro to (ex) change the cables. With two carts (aka tonearms) one can choose the cart suitable for one kind of music and the other for the other kind of music. To my mind this is more then luxure; it is a kind of necessity.

For those of you with more than one tonearm connected to your phono stage, you should try disconnecting one set of cables (including the ground wire) and see if the sound is affected on your other tonearm. I did this and was surprised to find that simply having the unused tonearm's ground wire connected to the preamp affected the sound. There must be some kind of antenna effect going on. You may think this is crazy, but give it a try. You may be surprised.
I really don't understand anyone other then a DJ would need multiple tables.

Stringgreen , Now that is funny,...
Hi Selectric, You are right. While my phono-pre has actually two independant phono-pres the ground connector is common. Both cabel ground wire connected to the pre
ground have some interfirance. Not sure if this is some kind of 'antenna' effect but I hear 'the effect' clearly.
According to some when you disconnect the (phono) cable ground you get symetrical connection with RCA connectors.
I am reluctant to disconnect one of the two cabel grounds
because my rack is against the wall and I nearly got hernia
by connecting both cabels to the common ground on the pre.
I hope someone 'technical' wll explain this issue.

I have 3 up and running. I use an Adona rack system that is expandable out to each side, so I ended up with three top shelves sitting on a common set of supports (i.e., four pairs of legs support three vertical columns side by side by side). This works fine but efforts have had to be made to further improve isolation from floor borne sources. Adona is nice quality for reasonable money. The design is thoughtful and makes engineering sense. But there is no free lunch when it comes to tt isolation.
Multiple tables/arms are for poor people really. If you are not one of them just get something like Continuum table with Cobra arm with one of those $10k cartridges available and be happy with it. But for most of us it does sometimes make sense. Personally I wouldn't need two tables but I might want two arms/cartridges.
I agree with String but the insanity is part of the fun but 1 quality table is enough for me.
Inna, Guys who have Caliburns also have at least one or more other megabuck turntables. It is possible to be crazy at nearly any level of financial status. Even a bum can occasionally find an old BSR, Miracord, or Dual in someone's trash.
Lewm, you are probably right. I just meant that there would be no audiophile need. There is one, I think, German from Bavaria here who has five or six great RTR decks. He is also a collector, I gather. As are many others here, I guess. I am not. Just give me that Australian thing, Studer deck and EMM Labs player, and that would be enough.
Lew, watch your tongue! I have a BSR programable linear tracking table/arm for sale on Craig's List that I'm selling for elderly friends. I wouldn't want your comments to discourage a potential buyer. ;-)
No slur intended on BSR , Miracord, or especially Dual. I only mentioned those brands, because they were very popular among those who enjoyed "hi-fi" in days of yore, before anyone ever dreamed that a turntable could be sold for more than about $500, tops.

Inna, the guy you refer to is "Thuchan" in Bavaria. He owns the "less expensive" Continuum turntable (humor intended), plus many others that are also very pricey. I think he is a true music lover who happens to have the cash to indulge himself, not so much a collector per se.
No, he is not, not quite yet. To qualify he should upgrade to the most expensive Continuum turntable. And I am not sure that his cables are the best for what he's got. He also needs a dedicated line for each of his decks and turntables, but maybe he has them already, that I don't know.
Lew, no offense on the BSR. This one is only worth about what some here might pay for mounting hardware for their cartridge! My very first "audio" system included a BSR changer in a portable I got for Christmas while in junior high school but I have no nostalgia for its quality.
Can the posters who have more than one table hooked up post pictures of their setups? Do you use a common support, or individual supports for the tables.
^^^ I use two separate racks set up side by side with a turntable on top of each. Not yet pictured in my system page. Soon I will be updating those pics when my new table (2nd table)arrives in the next two weeks.