Multiple systems. Approaches taken.

Just curious and thought it might lead to an interesting discussion.  For folks who are fortunate to have the means, space, WAF, etc., what approach do you take on multiple rigs?  Some examples might be:

--I try to get my secondary, tertiary, bedroom, office, etc. to sound as close to my awesome main stereo as reasonably possible, but smaller and cheaper.

--I like variety and often listen to different music in the different spaces with varying degrees of movement and off-axis listening and try to tailor the sound.

--I use the trickle-down method when I upgrade stuff in my main rig.

--Each system gets complete, dedicated individual attention and are set up from scratch with intent.

--I'm an audio hoarder and just rotate my stuff in multiple setups.

--I can't ever completely decide between tubes and SS, so....

--I dedicate one to analog and the other to digital.

--Whatever, this is stupid, and I dedicate all my disposable income to get the single best system in my awesome dedicated room.  Multiple systems are a distraction and would divert funds from getting the one best thing I can.

Trickle down and variety (and maybe, just maybe, a little indecision and hoarding) seem to fuel my approach, although the two main rigs use similar gear and have a somewhat similar flavor.  Just worked out that way.

interesting question. personally, i tend to be more of the hoarder/dilletante, which is to say i'm more interested in hearing multiple, frequently changing setups than in building one or two "best" systems. among my (too many) different setups, only one (which features revel f30 speakers and a parasound  amp) has remained relatively static. i do try to dedicate my basement to vintagey stuff, although i do rotate out the equipment. the downside to this approach (pyschopathology aside) is that i end up trading or selling some really good gear which i later regret parting with.
I want to have my cake and eat it too.  So, my office is single driver, 10 watt tube system for low level listening.  Main system is pretty good 5.1 for the whole family to use.  System 3 is always under construction and usually suits my whims and always has vinyl included.
I’m an audio guy at heart, so I spend more money, time and effort on that system

My A/V system provides a "very nice" sound, but is nowhere near my audio system’s capabilities from a fidelity perspective.

My portable system for outdoors is small but effective - currently a mini-system with a handle.

All three systems have been impacted by Bluesound components...
- The audio system now has a Node-2 for digital reproduction - no more computer into a v-link192 into a DAC and all of the associated cables
- A/V system has a Powernode 2 for 2-channel amplification - no more surround receiver with 6 speakers and all that wire - but I still have a sub
- the portable system is going to be replaced by the Pulse Mini - ordered it yesterday

This is the first time in my entire audio history that components from a single source has made such an impact on the various systems in my home

Perhaps I’m getting too old for this hobby? - convenience seems to be getting the better of me

But this is the first time a single company provides "just the right" components to satisfy my needs/wants with a performance level that exceeds many stand-alone components.

I have to applaud Bluesound for providing stellar performance and value in their product lineup.

Thanks Blusound