Multiple output preamps?

Hello everyone,
I know that McIntosh preamps have two or three sets of outputs (one main and others switched), but are there any other brands that do this? I often see preamps that can have both balanced and unbalanced mains on at the same time but I want the extra set to be switchable so I can have different systems running on the same preamp and listen to them independantly. Two switchable and one main would be cool (a la McIntosh C2200). Tubes or SS. Thanks! Arthur
Aball, I'm just very curious because I have a McIntosh and like it very much. What are you looking for in other brands that Mac doesn't have? I am wondering - what am I missing?
The Rowland Synergy IIi has two balanced outputs, but both are always active. I'm curious, why do you need a switched output? Can't you achieve what you want by only turning on the power amp you want to listen to?

Another possibility is to get a power amp with a gain control - an old Mac perhaps :), and use a tape output on the preamp. On some preamps, like the Rowland, you can select a different source to route to the tape out than to the pre-outs.
The SF LineX series have 4 outputs, 2 RCA and 2 XLR, all simultaneously active.
Thanks to all of you for answering.

Zoya - I think you misread my question. I way trying to find out if any other manufacturers had had McIntosh's great idea of having multiple switched outputs.

But apparently not since the mentioned ones are on simultaneously. It was out of curiosity more than anything. I feel that being able to switch the individual amps out of the circuit is better than having turn-off amps in parallel on the preamps output. Perhaps it wouldn't matter but you never know what may happen. Anyway, I will check out the McIntosh C2200.