Multiple copies of the same album on vinyl?

Anybody out there have multiple copies of the same album on vinyl in the event that one goes bad, another is still available? I have a few extra copies of a few things that I got from buying LPs in lots and I am thinking of keeping them for that same reason.
Guilty! I have many multiples of some of my favorites. Some examples are: New Riders of the Purple Sage "Panama Red", "NRPS", Allmans "Eat a Peach", Grateful Dead "American Beauty", "Workingman's Dead", "Blues For Allah", and more classical album duplicates than I can count.
I own most of the 180 gram offerings of old R&B reissued by Four Men with Beards as well as MFSL and others.

Fortunately, I also have every album I ever bought (beginning in 1967), so there are lots of duplicates. At the risk of starting a firefight, the reissues, IMHO, are rarely sonically superior.
Yep. I have only three dozen in that category, but that is down by a remarkable fifty just because they were destroyed. Not 'went bad' as you say kindly, but were ruined. Even my wife agrees that it happens enough to buy the cheapest insurance you will ever see.
I have plenty of dups. With the wild free for all collecting I have been doing, (7,000 in 11 months) I have dups. I would guess at around 3% dups or less though (I have a very good memory) Mostly unwanted dups in the Rock area, but a dozen or so on pupose in Jazz. I have 2 6eye Mono Sketches of Spain, and a 6eye stereo. 3 sets of the Benny Goodman's Carnagie Hall 2 are the pre 6 eye green Col and one set a six-eye. I LOVE Stravinsky, so I have some dups of his stuff, but otherwise I am pretty good on the classical. Though I do collect all the Beethoven Piano Sonatas by different artists I can find. Ditto Gershwins pop pair, Rhapsody in Blue and American in Paris.
So Rock is the one area that I am sort of not often certain if I have something... I know I have a several "The Cars'... each has dups, I am certain. And other Rock bands. I have 3 sets of Allman Bros At Fillmore East.
Some dups I buy because of great condition/price As the mint Harold Budd/Brian Eno 'Pearl' dup I just bought for $0.18
Most of the stuff I have still needs to be sorted out. I have 40 x 120 in each, boxes of stuff I bought and haven't had the time to play, The most I play a day is 10 LPs. and I buy about 20 a day, average. I am buying to set myself a good stash when I retire. (I am 54) because now is the time to buy in my area. The oceans of cheap, excellent LPs for sale in my area, can't last forever.
Wow Elizabeth!!! 7000 in 11 months!?!?! I hope you've got a sturdy record cleaning machine : ) Sean
So, if you guys are looking through a used record bin and you find 3 great copies of a good album, do you find yourself buying all 3?
A few. Mainly because I hit a couple of thrifts every week and I'll buy something I already have if I see one that I know I like and it looks to be in better condition.

I have 2 original Moody Blues "Days of Future Passed" found at different times. One is VG and the other EX. $3.00 total. No big deal to get a 2nd when it's only a buck or 2.

I probably have a half-dozen similar titles.
I would not purchase several copies of the same LP at the same time, (unless it was something like KOB in 6 eye stereo! or some other super Jazz title that even one good copy would make make my day...)
So, never for Classical, Rock, Opera, Folk, Easy Listening, Country,... but Jazz... yeah... 'Vinyl lust' would take over and I would buy all the good copies of a Jazz title at a thrift.
I generally collect by label. I will buy multiple copies of the Flyright label specifically the Jay Miller sessions along with the Excello label. Allthough these are in mono, they are far superior than all other vinyl in throwing a soundstage, IMHO.