Multipal Dedicated AC Lines vs PS Audio Quintet ?

i'm almost done with a power supply project that includes 1 dedicated ac line. i understand that keeping digital and analog separated is a good idea.

my question is:

will a PS Audio Quintet and its "iso-zones" work to keep the digi and analog isolated enough? (relative to my not so hi-fi system). got enough room on the quintet to make certain the krell and consonance cdp are plugged into separate zones , by themselves.

this vs 2 dedicated lines? i really don't want to add a 2nd line but also want to avoid the dreaded "weak link" (after spending all this time/money on improving the power supply)

my system is relatively simple/entry level. krell s-300i integrated, velodyne dd12 powered sub, consonance cdp, yamaha avr, sat/dvr box, sony ps3 game console, sony 48". aerial 7b's used for 2ch music 80% and video ht 20%

recent upgrades include dedicated 20A line (done by pro), 20A porter port, ps audio quintet and a ps audio ac-5 power cord upgrade for the quintet.

did i cut a corner with 1 ac line or have already gone too far over the edge =)

It does not hurt to have separate dedicated lines for analog and digital if you have electrical panel space and are willing to spend the money for installation. However, I have been using multiple isolation transformers on a single 20A line for each component of my 2-channel system for several years now, and that has been working just fine. It is like having a dedicated line for each component.
Gbart, could you expand on your method/hardware? I'm at the point of installing multiple dedicated, or figuring a way to use my existing single dedicated with multiple components (ex. pigtailing outlets . . . have two right now like that). I had tried on Orion GII but it reduced highs/details regardless of source. Other multi-outlet options exist, but the try-and-see approach to hardware starts paling very quickly with me. Awaiting a low $ Wiremold to at least hold my system together until something better . . . or if it works may indeed be the final stage in power supply for me. But the multiple isolation transformer idea sounds interesting.
I have the transformers installed in a single chassis, with each transformer feeding its own duplex receptacle. I use premium parts are wiring throughout.

wow G!, that's one impressive piece of equipment. i'm light years behind you with the ps audio quintet. i think it's safe to assume you've got the power situation under control =)
Incredible job!