multimedia PC and two channel system

Please excuse my lack of knowledge in the home theater area. I have a Berning TF10 preamp and a Krell KSA 100 amp which I want to use with a multimedia PC to create a two channel system. I want to use the PC to play CD's and DVD's and as a PVR. However, because of the age of the Berning, I am not sure of the best method to connect the PC to the Berning or if it is even feasible. I would appreciate any ideas on how to do this including suggestions on what other equipment I might need or should consider? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The simplest way to go would be a good quality Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) with a USB input directly from the computer (bypassing the computer's standard soundcard), and then analog out from the DAC to your Berning. Check out the Scott-Nixon USB dac, reasonable price and good reputation.