Multichanneled amp question?

I have a 5 channel amp in my home theater, but I am currently only using 3 of the 5 channels, will that adversely effect the long term performance of the amp?
It will not have any effect.
As long as no signal is going into the unused channels. This actually cut the strain on the power supply.
I have had two five channel amps that I use for center and rears and they never revealed any issues. I agree with Elevick, the power supply runs cooler and should last longer.
That's great, thanks, so no need to swap channels from time to time? The amp is fairly new, it's broken in, but just.
You can switch the rears to the unused channels, it might assue even wear of four channels but the center will always wear more. Personally I would just hook it up and go.
Thanks guys, I'm nowhere near being in your league. I think my amps are the weakest link in my system. My front mains are B&W 803D's driven by a Rotel RB 1092. Center is B&W HTM2D and my rears are 805D's driven by the multichanneled Rotel RMB 1095. A Polk Audio sub. RSP 1570 Processor, Oppo BDP-95.

I'm not happy with the overall sound, but it's all I am going to get on my budget. I built the room from scratch, dedicated power sources, everything bi wired into the walls, totally sound proofed from the rest of the house. The best part is that it's one big tax write off, I record sound for a living. Thanks for the advice.

When my wife's not looking I will make some changes here and there, any suggestions??
Why don;t U try bi-wiring yr speakers -- since you have two extra channels sitting around? All you need is a couple of wires...