Multichannel SACD with computer as transport?

I would like to know if someone has managed to read by a computer a multichannel SACD/DVDA and obtained an analog 6ch output with a "traditional" multichannel DAC.
Highly doubt it.

Much better chance of making it work with BR.
No. The average joe cannot do that as the signal is encrypted.

Certain manufacturers have obeyed the specifications and created links (I think Denon, and dCS, and a couple of others). I thought it was a great selling point for SACD, given the eternel bitching by the record companies about extensive CD piracy from SE Asia, Eastern Europe etc.

What a timely thread. I was just thinking about whether an SACD can be ripped to a computer hard drive and then replayed through an SACD player.

Metralla. Assume for a minute that an SACD disc was not copy protected. Strictly as a digital technology issue, could an SACD be transferred to a computer hard drive and then played back on an SACD player, without some additional program being installed in the computer? Would a particular type of port or connecting wire be necessary for playback? Thanks for any answers you can provide.
Sorry, you're wrong. We've been getting DSD information off of SACD for years now and providing download sites hi-rez files. DVD-A also. It's expensive, but it can be done.. both the stereo and multi-channel layer.
Crna39, I did say "average joe". But let's hear more about what you are doing.

Every thread I've seen on this topic says it can't easily be done... meaning the encryption has not been broken. So yeah, electrical engineers with DSD chip knowledge and computer modding skills can get it. But there is no way I've heard of to just rip a SACD as you you would a CD/DVD/BD.

If this isn't true please post the link to the SACD ripper!
No... you can't "rip" an SACD like you can from a CD. But you can capture the DSD data stream from a transport.

If anyone wants to know, just email us.
If I remember correctly SACD has different capacity than CD.

It is protected from reading by 80 bit code and from writing by "pit width modulation" that SACD player is looking for.
"you can capture the DSD data stream from a transport. "

Is that a drive mounted in a computer transport or a SACD CDP transport?
This is an SACD/CD transport. We use both the Playback Designs MPS-5 and the EMM Labs CDSD-SE to capture into either Pyramix or Sonoma.