multichannel SACD or DVD

I am intrigued by the option of multichannel SACD and DVD as I recently acquired a player that can decode them. 

If you had to recommend 1 or 2 discs to start with what would they be? Including music videos with surround. Any genre, just looking for the best of the best.

If there is another recent thread on this topic please point it out so this one can be killed..... thanks


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sorry I'm not clear, I mean surround like 5.1 or 7.1 like you figured out. Thank you for the suggestions. 

I have an OPPO 203 so feeding my receiver via HDMI though I could go analog. Anybody care to weigh in on which they prefer? I don't care to think about buying a bunch of SE analog cables but if the improvement was worth it I would consider it. I guess it boils down to which has the best DACs, the OPPO or my Denon AVR-8500.

I've been able to play surround DVDs for what seems like forever but just now SACD and DVD-A. Looking for suggestions on any format since I think I can play them all now.