Multichannel SACD, new category?

Would starting a new category as indicated above be a good idea? Based on the number of posts in the other categories, maybe not. However, it could encourage people to discuss the subject and may serve some purpose. I hope I have not offended the sensibilities of the diehard proponents of two channel stereo (or those who still prefer mono, if any, for that matter) or those who would rather rot in hell before they listen to anything but vinyl. The "other site" appears to be doing a thriving business with this topic. Let the people speak and maybe the powers that be at 'Agon will follow suit or maybe this will turn out like my basic repertoire proposition...
I am and probably will remain a diehard stereo fan, in part because of space and layout constraints. I may take greater interest if multichannel headphones make a debut--haven't heard any product announcements yet.

As regards the forum, perhaps a multichannel audio forum rather than restricting this to SACD? I expect multichannel audio is here to stay. Which formats will survive, I can't say. My 2 cents.
Pbb, I think that your suggestion is a good one. No need to limit it to SACD though, as it could include DVD-A multi-channel, and any other multi-channel issues that may be of interest. I don't think this conflicts with HT, as there is not necessarily any video involved.

Also, some separation like this between multi-channel users and 2-channel users may reduce the irritation between people who have strong conflicting points of view on the subject. I can tell that I am irritating to you on many posts by some of your responses, but actually I only have a strongly-held opinion, and have no "axe to grind" with you or any of the others who may differ with my "rotting in hell before listening to anything but vinyl" point of view. This is my real belief, and I recommend vinyl because I think I can help others to get better sound by going the vinyl route. Not because I strive to be an irritation to the members at large. Be that as it may, having separate categories as you suggest may reduce any friction like this that may exist between multi-channel and stereo users, as well as making the categories easier to navigate.
Time will tell regarding multichannel sacd (or dvd-a for that matter which still may ultimately prevail). But if the goal of high end audio is to reproduce a live performance, I have never witnessed one where the muscians, surrounded me. I also can't comprehend having 5 B&W 802's in my living room. Speaker technology would probably have to evolve since it still takes a fairly large enclosure to produce quality sound. In regards to sacd, Sony may be in another betamax scenario. DVD-A will probably provide the same sonic benefits with the addition of video as a bonus.
This notion of being in the middle of the orchestra should be dispelled. To my mind the additional channels should be used for ambiance(except for rare exceptions, for example, I refer to the recording of a procession entering a church and proceeding to the front reviewed in (I think) TAS in a recent issue). One does not listen to live music through a window, door opening or larger opening in the lobby of the venue. One sits inside the hall with considerably more ambiance than the slim cues provided by stereo, even at its best. IMO that's what this mc thing should be all about, not ping pong effects. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the standard has been set for that, but for more extreme sound effects. I understand your concern. The fact that it calls for four identical speakers, plus the dreaded centre channel, is somewhat alarming. I understand Chesky is going with a six channel set-up. I have very little information on this and my request via their internet site has, thus far, produced nothing. I think that the two opposing formats and the way things are being handled insofar as the recorded material available does not bode well. The fact that it appears that the whole mc thing is seen as fitting in with home theatre could very well give a leg up to DVD-A and cripple it in the eyes of music lovers. Time will tell.
Until, we all find a way to balance all the parameters of all these channels in real listening rooms, I think the point is moot. The only practical way I know of to do this is through digital room correction. Neither SACD or DVD A permits this with out going from digital to analog to digital. Clumsy at best and expensive due to the unnecessary cable costs. We should address this when we can do it right. I see no reason to encourage the current state of affairs. Just my humble opinion.
I would like it if there was a separate category under digital for SACD and DVD-A discussions.