Multichannel pre recommendations not processors

I currently have a Theta Casanova, but I am looking for a preamp that can receive multichannel inputs from a SACD/Universal player.

I really do not want a processor, just a plain old school analog amp that can take multichannel inputs. This way when new formats such as bluray comes along, I do not need to upgrade.

I have been eyeing off the McCormack MAP-1, but was wondering what else is on the market? What is peoples experiences recommendations, is there something better than the MAP-1?

Thanks in Advance.
If you'd SEARCHed I think you'd have found lots of mentions. I have and love an Audio Refinements Pre 5; I KNOW I've mentioned it many times.

There are several other brands available.
The McCormack unit is a good unit and can or will be upgraded with modifications by Steve McCormack.
As for other units, Edge electronics has a preamp model with analog inputs, I believe it is the Signature One model.
Conrad Johnson has an multichannel tubed analog unit, the MET1 also.
Mapletree Audio Design
Line 5 SE Modular Series Multi-Channel Line Preamplifier
McIntosh C45
BelCanto Pre6
Sony TA-P9000ES (discontinued)

The PS Audio PCA can be fitted with a 5 channel input card.
The MacIntosh (SS) and the Conrad Johnson (tube) are the best that I know of. Stereophile's Sam Telling gave a glowing review about the MacIntosh and sparked my interest in anologue 5.1 preamps for the audiophile.

I sinced purchased the Audio Refinement Pre-5 because it is only $1K but very good, maybe not in the league of the Theta but still a very good 2 channel or 5 channel pre.

C-J just came out with a tube 5.1 anologue preamp that looks like the one to have.
Sam doesn't do multichannel, I do.

Look at the EMM Labs Switchman 3. It is a superb preamp period, and it's multichannel to boot. read Positive Feedback"s review. I use it for surround music and it is terrific.

David Shapiro