Multichannel Interconnects….. What Are YOU Using?

I'm curious what people are using for their multichannel interconnects for DVD-A and SACD. Is anyone using some of the 6 connector cables that are out there, or are most people using three matching pairs??

What cables have you found to work well in your system??

Any recommendations would be appreciated as well as I'll need some soon...


I use three pair of Sound Quest Pro Series Zero Point Reference Interconnect. Amazingly neutral & a really, really great price. I also used that in my main stereo between the preamp and amp (6 meter XLR) for years until replacing it with the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. I tried lots of other pricey cables and couldn't justify the switch until I heard the Zen's, which were much, much pricier. (Results may vary in your system)

P.S. I'm looking forward to reading other responses to your question, but you may also want to look at for an interesting, ongoing discussion of cables.

Outlaw audio, three pair of the copper cables w/the locking rca's (which I hate). Great price, good sound.
As Mt10425 mentioned, Outlaw PCA's will do the job nicely.
2 Ridge Street for the front, 2 Z Squared for the rears , and two Audioquest for the center and sub.
LAT International. Check on what member Hassel had to say after trying them in his mega-buck system. Search the threads for LAT International.
I do not sell them.
Transparent Supers all the way around. Can't debate the quality.
Tara Labs prism 22's, very neutral and dynamic.