Multichannel Amps anyone using SIM Titan?

Looking for info on the Sim Titan Amp,Also considering Krell TAS and Plinius Odeon.
It will Be for a Five Channel setup,Which would you choose and why?
I'am using a Krell HTS 7.1 Pre-Pro.
Looking for the most dynamic and smooth sounding Amp.
Thank You in Advance for your Opinion's.
I am using a 7 channel Titan that I traded a 5 channel Titan in for a year or so ago. Never a problem with either. Both sound good as they are the same thing with the 7 being heavier to move and believe me the 5 channel isn't light. I to am using the Krell HTS 7.1 Pre and I also like it fine. I am using this setup on a all Dynaudio 7 channel system including a pair of Dyn power sub's. Very happy. I would personally purchase the Titan again over the other units that you have mentioned. I also really like the rear connectors. Hope this helps you out.
What speakers?
The Krell stuff works well together obviously. Still, I remember the Sim as being sweet on top, with perhaps a better midrange than the Krell. The Plinius is probably somewhere closer to the Sim, while the Krell is perhaps a bit "cooler" sounding in the midrange, and maybe a tad dryer on top? I could be wrong on this, as it's been a while.
I very much would like to here others opinions on these amps as well. Honesly, I forgot myself between Krell and Sim. The Plinis I haven't heard in a multi channel version.
Still, I know it will depend on your speakers a lot. Trying one would ultimately be MUCH MORE INFORMING for you, I'm can always sell if you don't like.
good luck
I've been using the Titan for almost 2 years now. I would say that it's only drawback is the size. This thing is a beast. Other than that, I LOVE it. Build quality is first rate.
It's exactly what your looking for, dynamic and smoooooooooooth!