Multichannel Amp suggestions

Hello. I want to purchase a new 5-7 channel amp to build a new system. I am looking to spend no more than 4 grand new. My speakers are Triangle Esprit line. I have Celiuses for fronts with the Major center and Comete rears. I am going to use my Celiuses for 2 channel also cause I listen to a great deal of music. I would really appreciate some companies that I should be looking at. I want to do one amp due to space. Also what are some factors that make a good amp also: like is number of power supply that important, capacitors for each cannel? I currently have a NAD receiver that I'll continue to use for a pro till I decide to get a new one. I figure this is the best place to put my money right now for the future do to how things are evolving at this time with DVD and such.

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So far I have NAD and Bryston in my head. Where else should I look?

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Check out the reviews on the Cary Cinema 5. I noticed they have a demo unit for sale with full warranty at Upscale Audio.
I am quite intrigued by the Butler 5 channel tube/solid state hybrid (and it's within your budget!!) - this thing looks *nice*, check it out:

I had read about Butler audio a few weeks ago. I was going to check it out more due to Triangle liking tubes also. When I first auditioned the Triangles it was with NAD gear first the regular integrated and then the masters series. I also heard them on a tube but not sure what it was.

Krugorg: Any experience with Cary audio?

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Butler, Marsh, Krell, Parasound, ATI, B & K
Parasound THX and B & K units have input volume controls on the back, so you don't have to modify pre/processor settings
ATI and B & K has highest price/performance ratio
Thanks for the other companies. I'm going to seek them out.
ATI is a very good value I must say. Can someone enlighten me on the sound. Also do they run very hot? I would like to put it in a piece of furniture which has good ventilation I feel or should it be in the open?

Also, Butler. Can some one describe the hybrid thing to me with it being a tube/ solid state? What kind of maintance would I expect?

thanks alot for all
See Wyred 4 Sound amps that Underwood HiFi is selling
My Butler 5150 is super. It powers Thiel CS6's and Aerial SR3's like no other amp I have ever had. Cool running, ultra quiet, and problem free. Butler customer support is outstanding.
You might want to consider a used EAD POWERMASTER 2000. 400 WATTS X 5 CHANNELS
Clwhitlock: what about maintance due to the tube side of this amp? What type of pro or pre are you using?

Also, what about quality of the pro going to the amp? Right now I'm going to continue to use my NAD receiver till I build up money for a new one. Is It a bad move right now doing it piece by piece if I don't know what company I'm going to use for the pro down the road? Would it be better if I do this as a due purchase? I'm going the pro/pro route cause of how tech changes anymore and I just can't see dumping more money into a new receiver and pretty much throwing the amp out at that point.

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Thanks for the reply. Here is my thoughts on everything that I have been going through the past few weeks. I just like NAD. I don't know why I just do. My receiver has not let me down for 7 years now and the reason I feel I ended up with Triangle speakers is due to NAD sound. I was going to jump on a used masters series amp and then thought about getting their new regular 7 channel piece due to a match fit and that I am seriuosly considering the 175 pro. I have heard the 785 already in a theatre at a house i was at a few weeks ago and really liked the setup. I felt that the separate amp would deff give me all the head room I would need, but I wanted to cover al my bases and see if it was worth the time seeking out some other alts. Your post got me thinking when you said about the ATI not being much diff in your eyes than the NAD BEE.

Also you mention Bryston and ATI again. You feel they are very similar?
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Thanks for the reply. I am like you that I did want to keep everything kinda in the same family. That's also why I migrated towards NAD again.

I figured I would do the 775 for the amp. i would use the 175 for my processor and that way I can also biamp the fronts for 2 channel if I decide to add the pre amp they make.

or i was going to try and look for a used masters series integrated.

my speakers have a 93 effeciency so i figured 140w per ch was way more than enough for my listening room which is 22 long and 17 deep with 9 foot ceilings.

any thoughts from anyone else out there too?
I recommend that you go to the ButlerAudio web site and study the specs and design comments there. Tube life is touted to be very long and I have had no maintenance issues. I use a Anthem D2 HT processor now, but used a Lexicon MC 12 before that. Have also used an Adcom prepro with the Butler and it sounded great.
None, unless your ONLY real concern is HT. I have been through a bunch of multi-channel amps in hopes that I would find one that does a very good job in 2-channel and a decent job in HT/multi-channel. These include Krell 1500, Proceed, Conrad Johnson and the "highly acclaimed/reviewed" Theta Dreadnaught II. None of them could compare to a two channel or mono amp for 2-channel reproduction, even 2 channel amps at a fraction of the multi channel amps pricing.

I appreciate your goals and objectives with space and cost, but trust me if you really listen to 2-channel music, you will never be satisfied with a 5-7 multi channel amp. This being said, spend $2000-$2,500 on a good used 2-channel and the balance on a 3 channel amp. Hide the 3-channel amp behind the speakers or someplace and use a remote turn-on tied to your DVD player.
The only model I have ever really liked for two channel is the BAT VK6200 which can be configured from 2 channels up to 6. It is a very large unit however and with 6 channels becomes pricey and heavy. I prefer the Anthem lineup for pre/pro and amps. The latest Statement lineup is outstanding and with a good tubed CDP the 2 channel listening is quite impressive. The P-2 and P-5 amps are a nice addition to the lineup if more power is needed for your speakers. I have an integrated 2 channel HT setup. I however use a separate 2 channel amp and preamp for the 2 channel side. I have a BAT preamp that allows me to do this very easily. I think once you experience the true two channel system, you can not go back. Cary would be my next suggestion.
Tsmack is right in regards to the separation between 2-channel performance and multi-channel. I have not listened to the BAT 6200, but have run BAT amps in the past (VK 60 monoblocks) and also both Bat and Cary preamps (VK 5i and SLP 2002) to allow me to have a pretty much straight 2-channel set-up while being able to incorporate the HT. I am not familiar with the Anthem sound so I cannot comment on this aspect of his rec.

But he is 100% correct in his statement that once you have had a better 2-channel rig then drop down to a multi-channel rig via a Pre/Pro and multi-channel amp, you are likely to never be satisfied again with the systems 2-channel performance.

I have one of the better pre/pros available, Krell HTS 7.1 (new as of Dec. 07) that incorporates the Krell Cast-like/based pre-amp and am now questioning whether I wouldn't be better off with a new 2-channel only pre-amp with HT passthrough or unity gain. My search is on!