Multichannel amp for active loudspeaker

I have been trying to "construct" my own active loudspeaker using different tube amps for the tweeter,mids and woofer drive units. I have found this an expensive exercise in frustration. I was therefore wondering what is available as a top notch solid state multichannel amp for true highend audio performance. I need it to be at least 6 channels and around 50 to 100 watts per channel.
First, since your initial interest in multiple tube amps was frustrated by the cost, you have to give us a budget.

Second, there is a nice Butler MCH tube amp.

Third, there are MANY mch ss amps but we need more info about cost and what you consider top notch.

Fourth, are you willing/able to DIY?

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Just for clarification, My budget is around the 8000 mark. I would be interested in demo/well cared for 2nd hand for amps that initially cost more than this so higher retail price suggestions would be welcome. From my understanding, well engineered Class A amplification may offer the least distorsion and possibly the best sound especially as I do not need oodles of power.
I would be interested in DIY suggestions but if it requires alot of construction, it will probably be beyond me.
One suggestion would be an Ayre V-6xe, used of course.

I love my Mac 6106, 6 channels x 100wpc. They also just came out with the 303 which is 3 channels. Use one for each speaker?