Multichannel amp...

Long story short . I sold off my HT pre/pro and multichannel amp to separate the HT from the stereo. I'm now in a situation where we really need my stereo space "back", so I will once again have to integrate my stereo into my HT My pre-amp doesn't have HT pass thru so that's not an option.

What multichannel amp would match my Mark Levinson 331? I need to stay below $2k and used is definitely an option (even preferred).

For the time being, I will need to use my Onkyo TX-NR1010 with the amp-out but will add a dedicated pre/pro as funds becomes available (thinking something like Cary Cinema 12 or the like 2-ch quality is crucial)
Well for under $2K, I'd strongly recommend the Rotel RMB-1555. It's a 5 channel HT and Music amp providing a conservative 120 watts/channel into 8 ohms ALL channels driven. It has a huge toroidal transformer. I should know. I have one and purchased it new earlier this year. It's in the $1600.00 area. For the price, this has to be one of the best values in the high end audio market. Otherwise you're looking easily at $2800.00 for 7 channel amps such as the NAD T-977. This would have been my other choice but just couldn't justify the higher price with a son in college !!
Why not keep your ML and add a 3channel amp for the additional channels?
" ....Why not keep your ML and add a 3channel amp for the additional channels?....."

+1 on this suggestion.

I use my hi-end Integrated amp as my 2- channel rig, and it also serves as the FL and FR channel amp as part of my HT.

-- I added a pair of hi-end separates (3-channel power amp and a matched 2-channel power amp) to a quality AV preamplifier /processor for HT.
-- I have a discreet hi-end CDP for my critical listening 2 channel audio and a separate BluRay player for HT entertainment .
I bought the Audio Refinement 3 channel power amp and a matched 2 channel power amp (both used) to go with a Rega Osiris integrated amp And Rega Isis valve CDP. ( 2 channel)

These Audio Refinement power amps are the YBA designed (French ) and had YBA parts but assembled as French designed units made in China. I bought them used within the last year for about $450 and $400 each ( each was about $2K each )
With the subwoofer and speakers I now had a discrete 2 channel as part of a 7.1 HT system.

For the AV: NuForce AV18.... (preamplifier / processor) and Arcam BluRay player.

Google for reviews

Highly recommended
For the $$$, it's hard to beat a Theta Intrepid.
Emotiva XPA-5, 200 watts/ch. powerhouse, neutral sound, $999.00, XPR-5 is 400 watts/ch.!!, 2249.00....Go to
Rlwainwright, your over-enthusiasm and single-mindedness with Emotiva truly distracts from your posts having any meaning anymore.

There, I said it!

To the OP, I concur with the Rotel. Their multichannel amps are a good bang for the buck. An older ATI 5-channel amp is within your price range, as is a used Sherbourn 5/1500A (I've owned one for over a decade now and continue to enjoy it every day).

You MIGHT find the McCormack multichannel amp within your price range, although I haven't checked on that one for some time now.

Lots of good choices!

Ok, so it's obviously that I wasn't very clear. :-(

I'm planning to keep my ML331 for L/R, and add a multi channel amp for all other channels. It would need to be at least 5 channels though (my current set up is 7.2), but a 7-ch would be even better (I would use the current L/R Thiel MCS1's for wide channel duties)
Emotiva 5 channels X 250 w
And I have McIntosh amps but realize the value that Emotiva brings
Used Sherbourn 5/1500A if you can find one. Has FIVE separate toroidal transformers and 5x200 watts per channel. Weighs 80 pounds.

I actually have one that I would sell, but one channel is out, so I may need to look inside and see if I can figure out what it needs. I am actually using it for my two channel system in my bedroom. I believe it has mosfet output stages.
If you can find a used Proceed HPA 3, that would be a good match. The Proceed HPA is a Levinson amp in an industrial case. If you can find one, it should be below $2K.

Long story short, I ended up replacing the Onkyo with a Marantz AV8801 and to gain the front wide (which I'm surprised the huge difference that made!!!) I ended up buying a Anthem PVA7. What an amazing setup this is! The AV8801 is really a great preamp, not only a Pre-Pro, and the Anthem amp is a real steal. Sound quality and transparency is just topnotch and it seems to have enough power for anything I can (or will) throw at it (and I don't like movies where I'm blasting it to the point where my ears hurt, but I do want to have realistic sound pressure levels).

Very happy!!!