Multi - Zone System Setup

I would like to get some assistance for setting up multiple zones in a house we just moved into.

Luckily the house was prewired. At the location of our system or head end is CAT5 cable and speaker wire going to multiple rooms.

Each room has CAT5 cable, speaker wire from the head end and then speaker wire from that location to two speaker locations in each room.

Ideally, I would like to be able to listen to different sources in some of the rooms.

I have an Arcam AV 350 reciever which has a zone 2 out but I do not think this is sufficient unless I just listen to same thing in zone 2.

Assistance would be greatly appreciated.
It's usually a little awkward using any receiver for zone 2. I'd really recommend a separate receiver to run the whole house. Denon makes a couple great receivers that will do the job nicely. You will still need an impedance matching speaker selector. Control systems such as Niles or Xantech with keypads in each room will help. Lots of research from there and it can be done on the cheap or for several thousand. Yep, it is sometimes cheaper, easier and less complicated to buy a system for each room.
I do use my whole house system daily.
You might want to look at Sonos ( The stations will work wirelessly, but Cat 5 connections will improve the integrity of the network and reduce dropouts.

Good Luck