multi room setup blues

well i have a harmon kardon avr 320 and an avr 110 and setting the multiroom option from the 320 is befuddling me despite having the manual and having the OSD hooked up to "see" the advanced functions.
So lets call the 320 the master reciever and the servant. Well it seems obvious that I would go from the Multiroom RCA plug outs >> and connect them to the servant somewhere. but where? any given input that is also analog????? where to make this link is not explained in the manual. Now from both amps there are plenty of digital ins and outs both optical and coax. Also in advanced setup video 3 can be switched from an in to an out. I would think I could go from a digital out from the master to the servants digital input. However perhaps the master can not convert analog to digital and this would not work for say my iphone or record player. I have tried this to little avail, make that no avail. What does work is tape out to tape in, which is what I am doing now to listen to soul in two rooms. But according to the manual things should be all neato torpedo and the HK avr 320 even came with a second special remote for a second room, but thus far things have not been so simple dimple for me, Aargh. I am not as worried about the IR connections at this point, but right now another issue is the remote controls both units so one will change functions that i want left alone while i change the functions I want on the other. Anyone who has ever had one of these era HK's knows the remote though function laden is not the most user friendly.
So does anyone know how to set these guys up properly?
If you promise to stop saying "simple dimple"!

First, do all of your testing with zone 1 turned off and only zone 2 on, if possible.

Digital signals can not pass through to zone 2.

Zone 2 out-is this a fixed volume output or variable? If variable, go into the tape in on the second receiver and leave the volume at least half to 2/3 turned up.