Multi room audio: wired

I am remodeling my house.  I am going to have a home theater in my living room with 7.1 speakers.  I also am going to have stereo speakers in my dining room and on my outdoor patio.  In connection with the remodel, I have pulled high quality speaker wire from the living room, the dining room and the patio to a central point, an AV cabinet in the center of the house.  It's not a very big house so the cable runs are not very long.  

It is not necessary for the speakers to be able to play different music.  In fact, it would be my preference that  the speakers either are silent or play the same sound.  I would like to control the volume level of each set of speakers remotely, however.  I am putting in an RTI system but I don't really know how that stuff works.

The dealer I am working with has proposed using Sonos equipment for my house.  This does not seem right to me. After all, the speaker wires will terminate in the central cabinet.  Why use wireless equipment when wired equipment would be more reliable and probably sound better?

Any thoughts, smart people?

I had speaker wire run from central location to 4 rooms and a deck when my home was built in 1998.   I run speakers in each room from my main system via a niles speaker switch box.   These days I mostly stream wirelessly from my music server using Logitech Squeezebox and Plex app on various devices.   Both Squeezebox and Plex can be controlled remotely from computers or portable tablets or phones.  I think Sonos could work similarly with a single box streaming and using apps on computers phones tablets etc as controllers including volume off the Sonos streamer.   So you can switch on speakers in desired rooms and have full wireless control of streaming.   Should work nicely with just one Sonos streamer and using whatever devices you already have as wireless remote controllers.   Sonos would be a digital wired connection to a dac or analog into amp/preamp using built in Sonos Dac.   Using a dac of your choice would provide a means to help optimize sound quality with dac of your choice. 

Good luck.