Multi room audio

So I am wanting to create a HARDWIRED multizone audio system for my home with 6-8 independent zone. I would like to have my access to my complete cd collection. My home is prewired and has wall controller panels cut in and ready for my choosing. I have use sonos in the past and like the ability of using rhapsody for non-critical listening. What multizone system do you recommend as well as media server such as request, zon, etc. Accessing via my iphone is also quite important. Again, I know sonos will work but my new home is already prepped for a built in system.
Unfortunately, most of the entry-level in-wall keypad/touchpanel systems are pretty much crap . . . a big part of the appeal is the "cool factor" of the panel on the wall, not really the day-to-day useability of the system. A high-end custom control system like Crestron or AMX, when coupled with a top-tier server system (Kaleidescape) and a good programmer can be absolutely awesome . . . but expensive.

ALL of these systems depend very heavily on the competence of the system designer/installer/programmer for them to work well (or work at all) . . . especially Crestron or AMX. My advice is to shop for the people, and not the equipment . . . get references of jobs they've already done that are similar to what you want, and follow up with them!

Or if you don't want to mess with all that, patch the holes in the walls, and do a Sonos system . . . they're cheap and you already know you like it.

Thanks for the response. I'm finding what you say to be true. I could operate most of the systems with a remote/iphone/etc. as well as wall panel which is nice. Does anyone know of a system that uses Rhapsody.