Multi-input, Volume controlable DAC?

I'm looking for a multi-input DAC that I can control volume with. I'm thinking of a Wadia 15, but am looking for other options. (Wadia 12 would fit the bill too!)

This is for my office system. I'll be streaming from my computer to a Airport Express that will output TOS Link for one input, and Coax out of a Rega Planet on another. I have a Conrad Johnson MV50 that I can power a couple of Proacs with.

Any ideas, or is Wadia pretty much where I'm going to end up?
Camelot Uther
Theta GenVIII
The Camelot Uther is a great sounding DAC. You could also try the Odeon AG for less money than the Uther or you could get an Odeon Lite for even less. If you want to go really inexpensive, you could get a Monarchy 18, 22 or 33. The volume control is standard on the 33 and is available on some of the 22s and 18s.


If price isn't much of an issue, the McIntosh MDA-1000 DAC is absolutely amazing. It's by far the best DAC I've ever auditioned and has an excellent volume control so you can connect it directly to an amplifier.
I have used a Camelot Uther IV directly into amp for several years with very good results. I strongly recommend the IV with the anagram chip and upsampling. The Camelot does volume control in the analog stage through 100 steps so you can really dial in the volume. I am pretty sure it accepts coax and toslink cables. They are available from time to time on Agon for around $1500. Good Luck
BTW, a Birdland Odeon Lite just showed up on AgoN yesterday. It has multiple inputs and volume control, but no remote. It's about 1/4 the price of a used Uther.