multi-format player advice? sony 9100es?

Hi guys,

Want to move to a multiformat cd player. Like the looks of the Modwright 999es but its pricey. Also will its dvd output be ok for new HDTV here in the UK?

I read that the sony 9100es has 1080i resolution. Is there a big difference between this and 480i for example?

After 2 channel use for hifi too.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Sony ES has been getting worse since the 9000. The 999 was a great player. It is a SACD player only with no DVD-A playback (only the DVD layer of the DVD-A). I don't know what the bulid/sound/pic quality of the 9100 is but would not be surprised if it were not as good as the 999 or the 9000.
I would get a good player for audio and wait for HD-DVD/Blu-Ray for the pic quality.

Good luck!