Multi format playback: DAC w/ DVD-A capability? Rip to HDD? Just get an Oppo?

Here's my question/dilemma (and I'm hoping for some guidance): I have a handful of DVD-A's I'd like to enjoy again (I've no way of playing them today), a few SACD's (same boat as DVD-A's) and a large CD collection (I have a Tascam transport/player, but the DAC section needs improvement, read: time for upgrade). I would like to play everything. The 'no brainer' approach seems to be buying a universal player, like an Oppo or a Marantz; I do like the idea (simple wins points). My question(s) are:
  • Should I instead be looking at another transport, and DAC combo? Is there one that competes on both price and performance? I'm just not aware of multi-format transport/DAC combo's that will handle DVD-A's. 
  • The thought of ripping all of my CD's +DVDA's + SACD's to computer ranks up there with dental work. (I did this in the late '90's and did not like the experience at any level). HOWEVER, if the cost/performance ratio of a HDD based system beats the manual experience (hardware player) I could be interested. No easy reply's, though!!:  I'll need which software (uh - hardware, too?) to rip DVD-A's, what s/w player, and what sound card/DAC combo will be worth getting, over an Oppo?
  • There are a number of mods out there for Oppo's - does anyone have a good 'before/after' experience with them and can recommend?
  • used is a great option for me; 'bang for buck' is alive and well. 
  • budget for this is $1500 +/- (maybe $2k )
This is for a two channel system, in a dedicated listening room. I've been 80% vinyl, 20% red book CD. FWIW, a balanced output is a bonus from the player/DAC, as I'm using Jeff Rowland equipment downstream (Synergy IIi and dual 501s), and custom Tannoy Monitor Gold 12's. Thank you (in advance) for a primer into a digital excursion. B.

First, depends how you are buying. I buy most of my music as downloads in 24/96kHz. So, of course, it goes to a hard disk. Occasionally I buy CD's as well, and I rip those too, and that's fairly painless for me with MediaMonkey.

If you are really buying DVD's, and like to spin them then the Oppo is a very good solution and you can feed an external DAC directly. If multi-channel is your thing, you can get pretty crazy buying an Oppo 103 and buying digital out boards. :)



My (digital) library is cd and DVD-A, and SACD, so no downloads (nothing against them, but I'm just not setup for it nor have an internet connection that makes downloading hi Rez files laborious).

Strictly 2ch for me.... 

I think I'm leaning towards an Oppo.... and it sounds like an external DAC can be added as an upgrade path?
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Just get an Oppo or a Marantz or the new Sony Universal player that will play DVD-A ($400).

Most of your listening is vinyl why torture yourself for the view discs that you want to play?

The Universal players will make them sound great.

And if you feel you need an upgrade after buying a Universal Player, there is always the Bryston DAC3 that plays SACD, Blu Ray, and ? DVD-A over HDMI

Thanks, guys... indeed, i really like the methodical process (manual process?) of discs, sticking with a player is a given (good points!!)
i was not aware that Sony has a universal player, $400 is attractive as long as its on par with the Oppo and Marantz. I'll have to check it out.
Thanks for the Bryston DAC tip. I didn't know there was a DAC that could decode DVD-A's

if you are just gonna use the oppo as a slave drive to play dvd-audio and run it through digital coaxial to an external dac is there any reason to get the oppo 105 over the oppo 103?
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If using the Bryston BDA-3, I would assume the transport will need to support DVD, but wouldn't it also need to support DVD-A's? I don't know if the encoding would pass through any DVD or BluRay supporting player? Do you own this and if so - what do you do?
Does anyone know if the NAD M51 DAC, which also has an HDMI input, can decode DVD A?  Used ones are going for about $1200
I am not familiar with that DAC, but I'd be interested in any DAC that can work with DVD A. ( nice username: Mahler. )
Sony's Universal UHD player UBP-X1000ES is announced for Spring 2017 but there is no pricing info yet as far I am aware. It does play CD, DVD-A & SACD as per Sony blog.
Has anyone given the Sony UBP-X1000es a spin. I'm especially curious about it's analog audio output, and how important the omission of Dolby Vision is.