Multi Disk CD Players?

I am looking for suggestions as to what to consider when purchasing a high-end multi disk CD player. I presently own a Adcom GCD-700 that I am dissatisfied with. I have read quite a bit about the CAL CL-10, but that is no longer manufactured. Can you provide me some alternatives?

My system currently consists of Thiel CS2.3 speakers, Adcom GFP-750, GFA-5802, Nordost Red Dawn Interconnects and Audio Zen Santori speaker cable.
Since your universe of potential players is very limited, you may want to consider an external DAC. Use your Adcom as the transport to power the DAC.
Thanks for the response. I should have noted in my previous post that I already use an Adcom DAC for that purpose (e.g., HDCD capability). However, my dissatisfaction with the GCD-700 is not one of sonics, but of workmanship. On several occassions, a CD has gotten stuck in the machine so that I could not eject the CD nor rotate the platter. In each case, I had to open the machine and manually remove the disk. Even when the player is working properly, the platter appears extremely flimsy and makes an awfull sound when rotating.

Are you familiar with the Rotel GCC-1055? I was going to give that a look as it's Rotel newest 5 disk player.
Actually if your DAC has a delta/sigma type converter, the changer transport of choice is an Aiwa XC-37M or XC35M. They sold for under $100 new. Now discontinued, but left over models appear on eBay a lot.

It sounds like the problem is with your specific unit, unless this is a defect with Adcom in general?
I bought a used CAL CL-5 here and it has worked very well. The platter changer thing doesn't rattle around, but I occasionally have to "help" it to open by lifting up on the outside lip of the tray. I am told the CAL changers are very good in terms of sound quality, compared to other brands. It sounds fine to me, comparable to the CAL Icon I use as a single disc player. I notice the CL-10 changers go for $750 or so, whereas the CL-5 was under $300. The CL-5 has no digital out, whereas the CL-10 has at least a coax out. Another thought is to get a Marantz 5-disc changer. A friend has used one for 2-3 years without a hitch, and she plays it continuously on nights and weekends, with a lot of swapping out individual discs while one is still playing. I have been very impressed with the reliability of her unit. Its drawer has never stuck, and it sounds good too.
The Rotel changers are quite nice, the Sony ES models that rank Stereophile Class A (555 and 333) are even better, and if you really want a great one, the McIntosh MC205 is knockout in all regards.

I read a lot about CAL changers but the consensus at the time seemed to be that they were unreliable so I skipped them. I settled on a couple Sony ES carousels and just love them - the build and sound quality is excellent. Hard to beat economies of scale you know.... Good luck! Arthur