Multi Channle Amps

I'm looking to purchase a seven channle amp to go with my Anthem AVM 30. I'm using my Denon 4802 right now to power everything.(it's what the Anthem replaced)
I listen to more music then watch movies,but the family likes the sound of the theater. I have B&W 805's across the front. Right now I'm looking at Arcam and Anthem and ATI. Jazz is my passion,but I mix in classical and some rock vinyl. I'm not a fan of the warm sound. Little help guy's.
I recommend the Outlaw 770. 200WPC into 8 Ohms times 7, ALL CHANNELS DRIVEN, and 300WPC into 4 Ohms, same. Sounds VERY nice, without any edge or unattractive sound. Only c. $1800 (or $1549 delivered for B stock). Here's a review that helped me make up my mind-- . I also like the B&K line, but some recent negative experiences with those HORRIBLE plastic-encapsulated speaker-output terminals and their refusal to double-box amps have soured me on the company.

BTW it's 'channel' not 'channle', 'multichannel' and not 2 separate words, and 'guys', not 'guy's'. :-)
How about the Sherbourn 7/2100A; seven mono-blocks in one chassis. It's a heavy beast, though. I using it with my AVM30, using the balanced inputs, with good results. It has two power cords because it draws so much current. Another alternative is the seven channel Anthem which is less expensive than the Sherbourn. There's no used Sherbourns or Anthems available here know, but the do pop up from time to time.

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I'm running my Anthem D1 into Parasound Halos. I find them to complement each other nicely.
Audio Research 150-M (up to 7 channels 150wpc)
Bel Canto eVo 6 Gen II (up to 6 channels)

Bob Wood
The Anthem amps surely must be complimentary to the Anthem processor. My brother has the AVM 30 with MCA 5 amp and it sounds quite good, IMO.
Thanks for the suggestions. I have it narrowed down to three. ATI 1807,Arcam P1000,and the Anthem PVA 7. There all quite different as far as the sound and power is concerned , but the fun is in the comparing