multi channel vs. 2 channel for movies

which is better- a 5 channel amp ( sim titan, theta dreadnaught) or a couple of 2 channel amps - would using seperate 2 channel amps sound better than one 5 channel-k
The correct and universal answer is 'it depends'...on everything. Some multichannel amps such as the Proceed BPA and HPA series use separate power transformers per channel so they're essentially triple-mono amps sharing only the chassis and 120VAC circuitry. Some 5-, 6-, and 7-channel amps have only one power transformer but otherwise-separate powersupplies per channel. Maybe the super-premium amps you mention are better sounding than anything I've mentioned. As I said, it depends.

I suppose, theoretically, that mono amps per channel would be the best place to start. Maybe everything goes downhill from there. It depends.