Multi-channel Sony SACD player

Anyone heard of the Sony new multi channel Sony SACD player, how much ??
Are you sure you don't mean multi-disc? I have not heard of a multi channel Sony yet. I hope that you are correct, as that would be most interesting. Phillips has a multi channel cd/dvd/sacd player, unfortunately non-progressive scan.
Sony introduced it at CES.If my memory is correct I believe the price point was 400 dollars.It is suppose to be available later this year.
Does anyone know the model number?
The SCD-C555ES Multi-channel multi-disc player is due in April at $1,700 list.

The SCD-CE775 Multi-channel multi-dic player is due in July at $400 list.

In the U.S., these complement the SCD-1, SCD-777ES, SCD-C333ES, and DVP-S9000ES SACD players.
Thanks. Does Sony know something we don't? I mean,
why all this hardware, and so little software?
The problem has been with the authoring equipment. Until recently there has been no equipment to mix DSD recordings. so the initial releases have been from original tape masters and direct DSD recordings without studio remixing. Note that you'll see very little SACDs from digital recordings from 1985 to 1995. These recordings typically used CD quality sampling and miss the clarity and ambiance that SACD is known for. Recording a SACD from one of these masters would be no better than the original. 96/24 recordings offer something better, but still aren't as good as tapes or DSD recordings. The number of newly recorded SACDs is beginning to increase, as is the number of SACDs in general.

By the way, Phillips will begin selling a $2,000 SACD Multichannel DVD Player this month, Marantz is selling a $7,500 SACD player and has announced a lowered priced unit. Accuphase is selling a $28K SACD Player, and Sharp is selling a SACD player in Japan. Pioneer has also announced a SACD player. SACD players are expected from a couple other companies as well. More importantly, many recording studios have or plan to install DSD recording capability.
Also, rumor has it that the next generation of Sony DVD players will be SACD compatiable following the lead of the S9000ES. Nothing has been officially announced, but it makes sense to me.

Sony is a high volume manufacturer--not a highend, limited volume vendor. Sony does not intend to keep SACD highend only. The quantity of the SACD software must increase, and the prices must decrease.
Tmartinjr's point on mixing equipment is a very good one. A friend of mine is a Telarc recording artist, and told me that while Telarc felt the DSD master tapes of his recordings were superior to their prior equipment, they initially were not happy with the editing equipment for their DSD masters. Hopefully new generations of the editing equipment are now available which will make DSD recording more prevalent.
Has anyone heard of any multi-channel SACD movies coming out? If so, let me know. If not, don't buy the new units!!
I do not think there ever be any multi-channel SACD movies, or DVD-Audio movies. Movies are either in DPL, DD, or DTS.

SACD, which stands for Super Audio CD, is for music, and is intended to be a better CD. You can play dual-layer SACDS in your car CD player.

Right now, 99.9999 percent of CDs are stereo and not 5.1. Do you recommend everyone to wait until we have 5.1 CDs before buying another CD player?

By the way, DVD-Audio is 5.1, and the one's I've used have not supported stereo (Doors and Nevelle). SACD supports both stereo and 5.1.

David Chesky, of Chesky records, in creating multi-channel SACD discs, concluded that 5.1 is NOT the way to go with music. He found it impossible to get clear imaging between 3 front speakers. Therefore, his SACD multi-channel discs will not use the center front channel. He's also not using the sub-woofer, so his discs will mainly be 4 channel. He will send a signal to the other two channels, but he assumes that the speaker placement will be in the back of the room (2 speakers front, two on the side, and two in the back) if someone wishes to use all 6 channels.

Back to the question at hand. I own an S9000ES. With it I can play some of the best quality 5.1 DD, 5.1 DTS, and 5.1 THX movie sound by using the S9000ES digital outs to my Rotel pre/processor. It's vastly superior to my old Sony 300, and the Panasonic A7 and JVC723 that I brought home to compare. CD play on the 9000, was better than DVD-Audio play on the A7 and JVC. With music, it's the best CD player that I've ever owned by a long shot, and with SACD, the sound is out of this world. It's smooth, detailed, and dynamic. I can use Dobly Prologic when I want to use all speakers when playing CDs or SACD, but in almost every case, I prefer crystal clear stereo for music.

With Neil Youngs' Live at Red Rocks DVD, I'm 50-50. If I desire to make it sound like I were there, I use the 5.1 DTS. Neil sounds distant the there's reverberation everywhere--much like the real thing. If I desire to listen to the music, I go Stereo. Neil is much closer, imaging is possible, and the music very clean.
Point taken on the definition of SACD. Regarding me saying not to buy the units if there's no software to me makes sense. I've looked over the catalogs that SACD offers and I really don't see anything that would make me want to invest in this format to hear a little more detail and a wider sound stage. As far as me never buying another CD player again, that depends on the new formats and how much I want to pull out of my CD's. New format or not, I still have over 500 CD's that I've invested in and instead of spending money on a format that may or maynot become common place, I would rather invest in hardware that would boost the enjoyment level of my present CD's. The only one I would buy would be the Sony 9000 because of it progressive scan capabilities and performance as a DVD player. Although SACD may be impressive, what's the use if they don't have the software to back it up? I believe you should let the software dictate what hardware you purchase.
You're right. If there's no software, the hardware is useless. For me, I have purchased 12-14 (I lost count) SACD and I've developed a list of over 25 more I plan to buy. I just do not want to buy them all at one time. I also expect SACD software prices to decrease. SACD's bigget shortcoming is the software. It will take time to build a software base--especially with current pop/rock artists. The only consolidation is that SACD's biggest competitor, DVD-Audio, has even less software--about 90% less.