multi-channel solution


I am a newbie here and want to leave my old receiver behind me and get into more hifi stuff. Need recommendations for a simple 5.1 pre & amplifier solution in the $2,000 range. Player is Pionner DV47Ai, HP Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1

Thank you
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"I think it'll be hard to find both pre and amp at that price point. But, consider Outlaw (pre and amp) and ATI (amp). "

Really? Then how do you account for this?

Look at the Reference Series, $2199 for the whole shootin' match. This system will rock your world now and for many years to come...

You can get a used Rotel RSP1068 used along with a Rotel RMB1075 6 channel amp for under $2000 and it will work well for HT, might want a stronger 2 channel amp for fronts but this will be better by a long shot then a mid-fi reciever. The Rotel pre is also 7.1
Thanks, any integrated out there that exist? sorry if this sounds stupid!
Check out this reciever