Multi channel SACD and DVD/A player under $2000

Looking to get recommendation on the best multi channel player in a reasonable budget. Redbook performance is not important as I have a pre/pro that handles redbook very well. Budget is flexible, but I'd like to keep it low as the future of SACD and DVD/A is still uncertain and I'm hesitant in investing too much yet. I currently have a Denon 3910 which does DVD/A fairly well, and SACD decently. I'd like the new player to sound significantly better in both, and it must have multi channel output.


If you can stretch the budget a little, buy an Esoteric DV-50, you can't beat the performance and build quality for the $$ and they sound far superior to the Denon's (I've got one and a 5910)

I was just thinking about DV-50 actually. Good thing about it is I'm somewhat familiar with the sound, as two of my friends already own it. And the bad thing about it is two of my friends already own it. :) I am hoping to try something different for a change. I think DV-50 sounds great, but I didn't fall in love with the sound. I listened to it only in their systems though. Maybe I'll borrow one and try it in my system some times.
I was looking for a similar player, and eventually brought myself a Reference Audio Mod Oppo DV-980 H universal player. Full mod version with Super clock, separate power supply and complete cyrogenic treatment for US 1,650. Within your budget.

I would have given you personal opinion on the player, but the unit is laying idle and actually sealed, as I found myself in the situation of going aboard for studies very soon. I may well be selling mine in new condition, but this is one you may like to include in your short-list.
Fwiw i had a denon 3910 but then compared it to a lexicon rt10.I ended up keeping the lexicon and selling the denon.This was totally based on dvda/sacd since i was not going to use it video wise.Never personally heard the esoteric but heard good things about it.
Enrique, in which area did you like the Lexicon? AFAIK RT10 is based on Marantz (8400?). I know Marantz players are well received.

Does anyone have experience with Bel Canto, PL-1A or PL-2? It is well reviewed in the magazines, but not talked about a lot in the forums.
I did little research awhile back and supposedly the rt10 videosection(de-interlacing)is comparible to the marantz 8400 but tweaked.The audio/analog is different and superior and not comparible to marantz.So i would say it's a rebadged marantz in only 1 way the interlacing nothing else and even that is supposedly tweaked somewhat.Needles to say video is not the high point of the lexicon but dvda/sacd is.
I'll second the Oppo as a unit that's very good stock, but not up to the ultimate. You'll save $1800 on you budget.

If you want the last nth, then look into the newly released Pioneer 58AV, which is about $400 street in stock mode. Next consider having Ric Schultz hotrod it with a super clock and input/output upgrades:

How about Denon DVD-3930Ci?
I heard it is better than their 5910 for SACD audio playback.
Take a look into the Onkyo SP1000. You can get them for pretty cheap, and they sound quite good on sacd and dvd-a. Very good build quality.
Surprised that no one has mentioned the Marantz DV9600. You'll get some change from $2000 which you can use for cabling. The DV9600 supports SACD (native), DVD-A and DTS CD's. It additionally has a very strong video capability.