Multi Channel Pre Amp

Looking for a new multi channel (5 or 7) pre-amp to integrate in my current system Which consists of Revel F52's,,C52 and M12's(5 channel set up) A JL fathom F12 Subwoofer..My amp is an Emotiva XPA5..Blu Ray is an Oppo SE83. I am currently using an Onkyo Tx nr801 as pre/pro.I would like the pre-amp for listening to CDs,SACDs and Multi-channel recording with emphasis on sound quality, naturally. Any opinions or suggestions would be welcomed and greatly appreciated!!!
5.1 or 7.1?
For 5.1, there's the Mac C45 and the AudioResearch MP1 as current models.
For 7.1, there's the Parasound P7 currently.
There are more in both categories if you are willing to consider used equipment.

Kal listed two I would recommend. As far as enhancing the sound that should be done at the source. Are you using the Oppo with 6 channle analog out's to the pre amp?
Yes, Five analog outs from the Oppo to the Onkyo.The sub goes directly to the Onkyo. What do you thing about the Arcam AV9? Will it have a noticeble improvement over the Onkyo???
Hi Doug,
If an analog multichannel pre-amp will suit your needs, I recommend you check out either the Sony ta-p9000es or the Arcam C30 fitted with the optional multichannel module (note: the current model Arcam C31 does not have multichannel capability). The Sony can now be had used for around $500 and the Arcam at around $1,000 or so.

Both are now discontinued but are great-sounding pre-amps for both stereo and multichannel music.

Of course, neither of these units will decode surround from your other surround sources like cable box/DVR or video game console, but should be a noticable upgrade compared to your Onkyo AVR as pre-amp.. -jz
I am using the Aaron Cineast No.22 as an analog multichannel preamplifier with excellent results. (Much better than using my Onkyo 875 as preamplifier).My power amplifier is the Primare A30.5 and the blu ray player is the Philips 9500
Well, I have a Onkyo 875,, which i used as a pre-amp with a A51 power amp. I can say In my system the addition of the P7 multi-pre-amp is much better at HT and 2 ch music. My source is a Oppo bd83 SE.
Look up the Mccormacks here,just to see the bargain somebody got , i think they sold in about 5 mn yesterday,somebody got a sweet deal