Multi-channel ITU Standard

Does anyone know were I can find a copy of the ITU Standard for multi-channel SACD speaker set-up? The little inserts with the discs are not very detailed. I have tried the ITU website, but it seems everything is packaged in manuals. I don't want or need a hundred different standards and recommendations, just the one on that strange 5.1 channel set-up with all the gory details. BTW, how many of you think the standard is over the top? How many of you care that the standard seems over the top?
The best "official link" I've seen is this one from Sony and the general discription of the ITU 5.1 setup by Dr.AIX on AA. Though both are a far cry from any "detailed" setup that you are looking for.
Though I'm with Chesky and and Trent Reznor...

"What the hell do you do with the center channel?"

hehehe. The proposed 6.0 by Chesky looks interesting (additional "height" channels). I'd rather have those than a center channel. But it looks like 5.1 is hear to stay. Might as well live with it. Sorry to go off on a tangent.