Multi-Channel IC'S w/DB25 Connector

I was wondering if anyone used a 6 channel cable with rca's on one end and the db25 connector on the other end. what company did you go with and did you like the results over using three pr of interconnects.also would like to know if any co. makes a hi-end db25 connector.I notice that the multi-channel cables not all that exspensive.

I have a Monster one that I use, came with a pre-pro that I bought. HT is a fairly non-critical application IMNSHO, so it seems as good as anything really. Convenient, which is about the best reason to get one.

Tara Labs might be a bit better than the Monster- They use to come with EAD gear, also Tara Labs XLR- adapters are pretty good also (came with EAD also), but maybe not quite as nice as Cardas.
I upgraded my Sunfire to get away from the DB-25 connector. You will notice a difference - 3 pairs of IC's are considerably better, depending upon your other equipment and the caliber of the IC's, at least for music. There are also better pieces than the Monster out there - it is their lower end line.