Multi-channel down mixed to 2 channel stereo

I have a Denon DVD5910 that does a very good job of down mixing multichannel audio to 2 channel stereo, even when feeding digital out to my DAC with digital audio set to PCM. The dialog is clear and separation is distinct.

If memory serves, my previously owned Denon AVR5700 also did a very good job of doing the same. I have since simplified, and have all digital sources fed to my 2 channel DAC.

Since I have concentrated on 2 channel stereo for some time now, I have noticed that my Apple TV, my friends PS3, and a recently borrowed blu-ray player, all do not do very well in cramming all those channels into stereo; all being fed to my DAC. The one exception is the aforemention 5910, which is superb in comparison.

My question is, are there any blu-ray players aside from the much touted Oppo, that does as well or better than Denon's flagship DVD5910 in rendering multichannel sources down-mixed to stereo?

Or for that matter, are there any good HT processors that will do the same?

I am not all that interested in going back to or building a 5.1 or 6.1 or 7.1 system. I would rather find something that can do as well as my 5910, but in the newer formats.

A processor is probably preferred since I have numerous sources; Apple TV, DVD, TV, Blu-Ray, PS3, . . .
Why not go with the Oppo 93? It is a superb player and will playback every shiny-disc format except HD-DVD. Plus, it will introduce you to the wonders of Internet streaming and will also play back from your networked PC and/or any USB device (disc).

At $499 it is, BY FAR, the best value on the market...
Most discs have a stereo soundtrack. Why not choose it instead?

Most discs have a stereo soundtrack. Why not choose it instead?

this is true, but for sources that do not, i wonder who can downmix as good as denon, if not better.
I have a 5910 and an Oppo BDP 83SE both do it well.
I am happy to report that my recently acquired Oppo BDP-95 has exceeded my expectations in performing the aforementioned. Thanks for your recommendations & tips.
Yea I found the same results when it bested my 5900!Glad to hear it!