multi-channel amp size height

Hello to all & thanx in advance for your insight.I am really trying to downsize my system & I'm shopping for a multi-channel home theater amp....I really want something smaller in height than the behemoth units I see the most of.Depth & Width are not factors,but having balanced inputs is a requirement.
I have owned Parasound,Rotel & currently a Sherbourne & have tried to keep my eyed open for a Bryston...My question to the readership is:besides the NuForce units & the new Axiom Audio amp,are there other manufacturer(s) I can consider?
Thanks again!
I'm using an Anthem A5. Built like a tank and a
great home theater amplifier. It is powering 4 surround
in-wall Linn speakers in a 7.1 system. It should meet
your height requirement and it also has balanced
inputs. Good luck.
I have a B&K 125.7 (125W x 7) that I also like. It's about 5.5" high on feet or ~3U if you were to rack it and has both balanced & unbalanced inputs. They also make a 200 watt version that their website shows at the same height but the picture looks taller so I question that dimension.

I use an Anthem pre/pro with mine and considered their amps too so I would checkout Vmk's recommendation as well - however their balanced amps are more expensive and taller.
I had a height problem in addition to being a little concerned about how hot a five channel amp would run, and I settled for a Theta Intrepid. I've owned a boat load of amps over the years, and IMHO the Theta gets high marks for both 2 channel stereo and 5 channel surround sound.

It's only 6 1/4 inches high, 17 5/8 inches wide, and 20 1/2 inches deep. It runs luke warm to the touch in stereo, and after being driven hard in 5 channel, it's warm... but not anywhere near being hot.

It's got both RCA and XLR imputs, and turns out 100 watts rated @ 8 ohms with all five channels being driven.

As we speak, there's a Theta Intrepid on Audiogon for the asking price of $1,390 (it's not mine if you're wondering). The Theta might be what your looking for.