multi channel amp question.

Hi all. I am a beginner trying to get a grasp on all this info and technical stuff. Here's my question. I am upgrading my AV system, used 60 HT and 40 music, and i currently have an acurus act3 being upgraded to the aragon soundstage one specs in two weeks from now, getting new speakers from Northcreek and want an idea on a good multi amp to match. This is where i get a bit lost. The speakers are 91 db efficient, and are 7.1 Ohms. i am using a sub as well and eventually two of them which i am told will help with efficiency depending on cross over point. I was told that because they are an efficient speaker i do not need to go to big on an amp (wattage) size. So i am wanting to know if this sounds right, and secondly if it is, can someone recommend a really good company which makes a lower wattage multi channel amp for HT and music. I know there are different sonic qualities, and basically want to stay away from anything to bright. I hope my lingo here is not too confusing. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks all.

A little extra power never hurts, I would buy a used Aragon multichannel amp or maybe a sunfire. These are not bright amps and can be found used all the time. Don't know about bright, but for cheap low power amps: Rotel, Outlaw audio, ATI, adcom.
Hi Bill, I have been using the Act 3 with an Acurus 125 x 5 for about 2 years and it sounds great! I don't have efficient speakers at all, ATC SCM12 monitors at about 87 dB plus an ATC sub. I recently sold the Act 3 and bought a used Soundstage. FANTASTIC! If you liked the Act 3, you are going to love the Soundstage. I am still using the Acurus 125 x 5 for now, and truly I don't think I need anything more. If an Aragon or Acurus 200 x 5 comes up used, I might consider it, maybe just to have a "matching" setup in my rack, but you could probably do very well with the 125 x 5. I have seen them for sale here for $600-700, which is a steal. The Acurus amp is a nice blend with the Aragon pre, they are from the same company, and if you don't need mega-power (and you don't seem to), I'd definitely consider one if I were you. Still, it would be nice to have a matching Aragon amp to go with the Soundstage...