Multi channel AMP for Home Theater

Hi Guys,

I recently ordered my Amplifier Devialet pro 130 to drive my front triton 1 (i will use devialet for my music and use it with HT bypass for movies) Im so excited to try it with those great speakers.
for the rest of my setup SC XXL and triton 5 I'm torn for multichannel amp between new Anthem MCA 525 which was made to match up with anthem AVM 60 (my pre/pro is Anthem AVM 60) or use the parasound Halo a51 for the multichannel drive.
please advice

I sure don't think you will lose out at all if you bought either the Anthem MCA or the Parasound Halo.  Now which amp will match better with your Tritons, I don't know.  

I do know that Anthem builds nice amps from the PVA models up to the Statement P series.  The MCA series offers great performance with great bass drive and about as neutral sounding as you can get, which IMO is great for HT.  Have you ever glanced at those S/N ratio numbers, about as good as you can find especially at those price points.

On the other hand Parasound, more specifically the Halo amps, are more than most people will ever "need".

Oh, if my NAD T175HD pre/pro ever takes a dump, the AVM 60 is right at the top of the list as a replacement.


love my Krell Chorus 5ch amp very much. full class A with whisper quiet fans to help with heat. I also have an Agostino amp in my 2 channel system and the Krell would not be embarrassed at all