Multi channel Amp BAT VK6200, AnthemP5, Sim audio

I need some advise on deciding a multichannel amplifer for my hometheater system. The desired outcome is to be able playing music and movies at equal quality, My processor is Lexicon MC1, Pioneer Elite DVD player and home grown speaker three way with flat impedance.

Which one should I consider? BAT VK6200, SimAudio Titan, Anthem P5 or Theta Dreadnaught II.

Any inputs are appreciated. Thanks
I would suggest getting 3 channel amp for the center and surrounds. You can mix and match with the mains as your tastes change. I have been using an Anthem MCA-3 for the past 5-6 years and have change the mains numerous times in that same period. Tubes and SS have been driving the mains, with no issues.

Ive been using a Theta Dreadnaught in my home theater. With the Dreadnaught you can assign different channels to be surround and fronts. So if you want to listen in stereo you just cut off the surround channels. Or if you have enough space then Jeff's set up would allow you to spend your money for a nice stereo amp and just get some less expensive amp for the center & surround.