Multi Ch. speaker placement tips needed

Hello all,

I’m initially setting up a 5.1 system in a < 14ft x < 21ft < 8.4 room. Closed off 100%, save for AC ducts. The ceiling gently slopes up to 8.4 then back down, to about 7.9 ft.

All the speakers are Silverline Audio… Sonata IIs; Center stage; SR 15; Velodyne DD 15. If I add to this config it will be a pair of Minuets for the middle surrounds and another sub for the rears… that has yet to be decided though.

Center surrounds will need to be set onto the side walls if done at all.

Center and mains are set to the < 14ft wall.
Where is the center to sit? On the same plane as the Mains? Or behind them? How high off the floor?

The rears are on Sound Anchor stands and the tweeters are right at ear height, 48 – 80 in.

If I go ahead and add the senter surrounds should they also be set as the rears in height?

Higher? Making for a hemispherical config?

Lower? Making for an increasing slope up to the rears?

Thanks much for your experiences & interest.
All of this is a "balancing act"! The seats and speakers must all work in harmony, and in relation to the room boundaries, ideally - it all works together (or against each other, if not adressed properly).
You can put a speaker where you "think" it should go, for any number of reasons. You might feel, for instance, that placing a speaker in a certain plane dimmension, in relation to your seat(s), might give you better immaging or "steering", let's say. But then that very well might put a given speaker in an acoustically challenged location, fundamentally - destroying the overall sonic qualities of the speaker. So, in this case, you might be placing the speaker where you like the overall immaging to be anchored -and yet the sonics coming from that speaker might SUCK! - defeting the purpose of accurate, high fidelity sound, and a well balanced system. This is something I would avoid, personally. But then I know that quality sound from all the speakers working together in a system yeilds quality hi-fideilty system performance! And the oposite effect is a bunch of poor fidelity sound from un-balanced speakers in a system, pulling the sonic entegrity of the system down with it - not good.
If I were you, I'd start by figuring out how many seating positions you are dealing with, how you'd like to set them up, lay out the room, and or what your seating/listening lifestyle for the space will be. When you figure that out, you can then place the speakers accordingly. Also, if you have some sort of AV pre/pro with at least a good Parametric EQ or, better, the Audyssey room DSP correction processing, you will be able to balance out your system very very tightly and accurately, AFTER you properly place your speakers for best fundamental performance, and or any acoustical treatment considerations and applications!
First, let us know your proposed seating layout, and then more accurate assistance can be offered. Otherwise, for instance, if you're placing your couch on the back or sidewalls, let's say, where you place your speakers and how you adress your system as a whole will dictate different options and mandates opposed to placing seats in the middle of the room, and such!
Fill us in....
with no wife, kids, cat or dog, the main seating position well be a touch short of center room, closer to the front speakers.

I haven't made the exact measurements yet from the LP-VP to the front mains which will be set off the screen wall to around 48" (to the drivers)... and 24 - 27 inch off the side walls, making them about 7.5 ft. apart.

The center speaker hasn't been placed at all... but I'm guessing it will be just under the screen adn slightly in front of it, at 20 - 23 inch high stand, and no more than a foot forward of the screen, with some slight up angle.

The rears are back ported, so they'll wind up no more than two feet off the rear wall, and between 12 & 18" off the side walls.

The MAIN bit here is that 2 ch is also in the mix. Heavily.
In fact it is the predominate choice, the HT aspect is a distant second, yet remains important.

Zat help?
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