multi-amp's other than Parasound w/ gain controls?

I'm in need of a power amp with separate (back of the Parasound unit's)gain controls. Anyone know of any other brands of multi channel amps (5 or 6 or more channels) besides Parasound, that incorporate "gain control pods" on the amps?
Thanks for any input/help
mcintosh makes several that i have owned.

mc7106 & mc7104, both of these amps run 2 channel very well also.

If you're talking about multi-zone amps try:

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Really I'm looking for a 5/6/7 channel amp for quality home theater sound for powering mini-monitors, crossed over at 80hz!
The Parasound amp Im using is a tad bright of a match with the speakers I'm using. I really need something that's a tad forgiving on top, if not relaxed/recessed/smooth!!...refering to the amps. The speakers I really want to use, and don't want to change those.
I'm thinking that just changing interconnects won't do enough, and the amp is my problem with those speakers.
Maybe the B&K will do it, if it's not too much...which is another problem...price! My Parasound 806 fits my budget of under $400 used for 6 channels. I'd like to not spend too much.
The Cinepro 3K611 is an awesome 6 channel amp with gain controls for all channels on the front faceplate. There is one for $1950obo here on Audiogon.
I have a B&K AV5125 - it's a 5 channel x 125 wpc unit. I also previously had a Parasound HCA1203a (3 x 140), and still have a Parasound HCA1000a (2 x 125). I prefer the B&K to the parasound for the home theater setup I was using them in. Although the Parasound was bass'ier, the B&K is more musical and detailed. The B&K has controls for each channel, and you may be able to pick one up for under $500 used. The B&K AV5000II is similar and may be less $ too because it's the prior model. The catch is it may not solve your brightness problem though.