Multi 6/7/8/9/11/12 + Channel Amp Suggestions?

Any suggestions for a "multi" channel amp (greater than 6), that is an excellent performer?  There are lots of "zone" amplifiers which aren't built for quality necessarily.  This will be to drive some custom built speakers, each requiring 2-3 channel of amplification.  I may end up with three speakers, so 6-9 channels is ideal.
Needs to be 4 Ohm stable, ideally 2 Ohm.Doesn't need to be very powerful.  60 watts/channel should be fine.I would prefer it not to weigh 150 pounds and act as a small heater.Used is completely fine... trying to stay under $800.
NAD makes a 7 channel amp based on nCore modules, as does ATI. They are probably overkill in cost and output power though.

I'd recommend the Parasound zone gear, but they have limited inputs vs. outputs.
Ebay has a few Crown CTS 8200 amps in the $400-600 price range. These are 8 channel amps and were very nice sound quality. That being said, they are going to be 13-15 years old. And they have a special connector for input signal (you’ll have to get the special plugs and wire them into the ends of the RCA/XLR cables). It is stable down to 4 ohms. I’m not sure that you are going to find a 8+ channel amp that is stable down to 2 ohms.  These crown also have an internal fan that can get noisy if it is close to the listening area.

Finding 9 channels of quality audio for under $800 is going to be difficult to impossible. Ebay has tones of the "Niles Amplifier" 6-12 channel units within your price range.

Nord Acoustics makes up to 8 channel amps using Hypex NCore modules, but you are looking at $1600 plus.