Mullard Reissue KT88

Does anyone have experience with the new Mullard KT88 and if so what are your thoughts? Wonder how they would  compare with Tung Sol KT120? 
Did we need a new KT88? (rhetorical question)…in any case KT120s jumped the '88 cart and I loved my quad until they were retired after 3 years of great tone, replaced by the uber-splended KT150s around a year ago.
Some people may prefer the 88 sound and it's affordability over the higher priced tubes as they can get rather pricey but I see your point.  
A matched (quad) set of the new Mullard 88s from a reputable Ebay seller (I bought my 120s and 150s from there) are $179, and the 150s are still $269…same as when I bought mine last year. I have Tung Sol 6550s (came with my amp…Jolida JD502P with factory upgrades), and Sovtek KT88s, and they sound great…but compared to the 120s and especially the 150s there is a general improvement in tonal accuracy and dynamic slam from these newer designs.  Many amp designers have embraced the 120s and 150s as the new standard of this type of tube, and I wholeheartedly agree with this. Other opinions may differ of course, but those opinions are utterly wrong…heh…kidding…sort of...
Lol of course your right.  Right?  Those are some good prices on the 120 and especially the 150.  I decided to keep the 120's and have some NOS Mullard 12au7  CV4003 on the way to richen up the midrange to offset the upper midrange energy the 120's are giving me.  I do like the overall dynamics and soundstage of the 120's. 
I bought a pair of 4024s (NOS Mullard 12AT7s) and liked them so much I was afraid the supply would run low so I bought a pair of the gold pin version 6201s and relegated the 4024s to a backup role. I felt much better, and love the "exploding" Mullards as they are the most exciting tube at start-up (really…the flash…love the flash).
Can't wait for my Mullards to "explode" lol.  Hopefully they will give me the sound I'm looking for.  
I wonder if the new version Mullard kt88s will flash on start-up, or if that's just a small vintage Mullard tube thing. I would buy them just for that. Seriously. I've demonstrated the Mullard Flash for friends who generally are far less excited about this than I am, and that's just sad.
I have no idea whether the new version flashes upon start up but hopefully the NOS 12au7 does. They will be in the front 2 slots so maybe I'll get to see some fireworks haha.  Some people don’t appreciate the finer things in life do they Wolf  lol?
I bet the NOS 12au7 flashes, as the reason for this makes sense although I forgot what it is…and yeah, nearly none of my friends including serious and non serious musicians, my wife, strangers who get me started talking incessantly about it, my therapist (!), most people in general, hostages, etc., really give a damn about my seriously fussed over hifi rig. 
Some people just don't know how to enjoy a good thing when they see it lol. Maybe the light will flash in their heads one day and think ole Wolf knows how to appreciate the simple things in life.