Mullard New ReissueTubes???

I have seen these starting to pop up.There is a quad of EL34 of these tubes here at Audiogon up for auction.
Has anyone heard these and what are your opinions on these.
Thanks Brian.
They are the new Russian tube from New Sensor.

New Sensor acquired the rights to both Mullard and Tungsol Trademarks and are now marketing the same Sovtek and Electro Harmonix tubes with new names.

The original Svetlana trademark is also owned by them, meaning the current releases of Svetlana are NOT from the St. Petersburg plant, but rather the Reflector plant in Russia.

Original Svetlana tubes are still available under the trademark "Winged C" and are currently marketed by Antique Electronics in AZ.

Whatever you do, don't get in a bidding war at EBAY over "Mullards" that are new Russian tubes. The Russian tubes are OK, but easily obtained and very reasonably priced.
St.Petersburg is Russia.Unless you're talking Florida.
St. Petersburg Russia is the home of the original Svetlana tube that carries such a fine reputation. It was chosen by Audio Research, Tube Research, VTL and others and proved to be a very reliable tube.

The Reflector plant is the home of Electro Harmonix, Sovtek and the NEWLY RE BRANDED Svetlana tube (NOT the Svetlana everyone knew year before last).

Point I was making, these new Mullards are another run of the same tube from the same factory as has taken over the other names in the business.

In other words, don't pay $100.00 each thinking they are Mullards from England from the 60's. They certainly look like them, right down to the color and printing on the box and even a brown base. They are labeled "Made in Russia" so New Sensor is not trying to pull the wool over any ones eyes, but at EBAY I see MANY vendors representing them otherwise.

The only reason for my detailed response.
Thanks for the response.
I see here they are up to 182.00 for a new Quad and at Ebay you can buy the same thing as here with BUY it NOW for 96.00 or 98.00 for a new Quad??
I can see the prices of these are going to be ALL over the place.
Thanks Again
Yes Albert is correct. I know the guys at New Sensor and they are good tubes for the price but don't compete with the "real: tubes. Don't get fooled, BTW you never know who you are bidding against either.

Happy Listening.
Good advice people and thanks for the heads up but that aside what do they sound like? How are they compared to other EL34s past and present?
Hi Kel. I have not heard the new mullard russian clones however.... I have heard the jj el34, as well the svetlanas el 34's. Compared to the older mullard xf1,xf2 through to xf4 series, the current offererings just don't cut it for me. As inexpensive as they may seem,I personally think your throwing good money at bad.You couldn't give them to me. Once one hears them side by side, it's immediately apparent. There are other good sounding alternatives to the expensive nos mullards xf tubes... the american fat bottle 6ca7 is a very good tube, the 1980's vintage tesla el34 is a superb tube and can be found for well under $200 a quad.
Hey Btstrg: I'm new to things tubed but I got a matched quad set from Marsh Amps ( I couldn't get ahold of anyone over at New Sensor on the phone) for $94 with shipping (New Sensor is cheaper still). Compared to the Valve Arts that came with my TAD CA-30 integrated, I Iost the warmth and lushness but got a more accurate, deep and tighter base (the bloat and flabbiness of the Valve Arts became immediately apparent) but a somewhat recessed mid and high end-almost SS like in pesentation. At first, I was dissapointed, but all it took was a short time to burn in and the mids became more accurate and tonally pleasing and the highs shimmered with a natural and long decay. I guess I got suckered by the romance of the original tubes but now feel that Mullard reissues are the better value. Heck, it'll only set you back $94 bucks.