Mullard EL34 or EL84 made in Russian

Do they sound good comparing 1 to 10 scale to Mullard made in England?
I do have Eico HF81 for EL84 and Dynaco ST-70/PAS -3 as EL34.
How much will cost to upgrade better tubes for both set? Thanks for all help as I am new tube amp.
In a good revealing amp,about a 6-7.
Brent Jesse's Site has some useful impressions of the NOS versions of those tubes, as do other forum sites like AudioAsylum. The link is for EL84's and you can find others at the top of that page. It will depend entirely on the equipment you use the tubes in, and your own personal preferences as to which sounds best. As a broad generalization, certainly the Mullards are commanding the most money and are known for midrange fluidity, natural extension and balance, FWIW. I've found the Russian NOS Reflektor 6n14n-EB (similar to the more rugged Sovtek "M" version) sound rather analytical in comparison to what I'd expect from Mullard...perhaps more SS in that way. I would try those over the standard Russian EL84's regardless. Also check out 7189A variants from the U.S. It would certainly be a cheap experiment to just try the out as they are not nearly as expensive as the Mullard NOS. I recall liking the Svet EL34's but could never afford a quad of Mullards to compare, and that was a long time ago too. 1-10 ratings are useless IMO - what I like is not necessarily going to be what you like, and I also do not have the experience of running those tubes with the same gear in the same system. Tube prices in the NOS end are largely determined by supply and demand, with rare examples commanding big bucks, while not necessarily outperforming less expensive alternatives. Not saying that's the case with the Mullards you are considering...some demand is generated actually because the tube is truly oustanding. The Mullard route would be an expensive and risky experiment though - If I went that route myself, I would buy from a reputable seller.

Good luck.
Thanks for your response. I checked the website and the price for Mullard made in England cost more than $600 for quad. Russian made Svet El34 about $90. I brought EL34 Svet local and hooked up with Dynaco ST70. Sound like solid state with tight bass and mid range not softer like EL84. I also have one question on NOS tube as I read on website, still do not clear to understand the sound NOS tube comparing without NOS tube.
I do know why people love tube sound comparing solid state. Eico HF81 makes Wilson 3.2 singing much better with more bass tighter and midrange softer and warm. I used to hookup 3.2 with Mark Levinson 23/26 or 335/26. Less bass and sound is more midrange. I must sell 3.2 but after hookup 3.2 with Eico HF81. I deeply love 3.2 as base tight and midrange softer comparing Klipshorn.
AS you listen to a tube amp more and more,you will start to notice the vocals,brass,cymbals,etc. start sounding more realistic.It may take a couple months or more.Then try a solid state again,it will most likely sound thin,or like something is missing.Tubes aren't for everybody.A lot of times on amps you may not notice when you upgrade,but you will notice a system that is not as good as yours real easily.If you listen everyday,the time will be shorter.♫
Every brand of new tubes sound different.The same goes for NOS tubes.Most new tubes just don't sound as good as the old tubes.The good news is,the new tubes are starting to get better.The old tubes were made for years,and perfected.Then transistors came along.The new tube makers just don't seem to have it down yet.They may have made tubes for years,but not audio tubes.The Russian tubes were made mostly for the military,not audio.But they are working on improving their audio tubes.The old tubes keep getting more expensive because the world is running out of them.
Russian Mullard El34 tubes sound is good with tight bass and soft mid range. I have a change to test with England Mullard EL34 borrowed from my friends ($450 for quad 1972). Sound is increable with softer midrange and a little to bright for classical or vocal. From 1 to 10, Russian is 7 to 7.5 to comparing to England 10