Mullard EL34 as a choice for your amp.

I am hearing that those EL34 are one of the best if not the best tube in this family. True or false ?


I am asking in regards to my Consonance Cyber 800 mono-blocks. It seems like a costly investment. Is it worth it and why ?


El 34s are GREAT for small, intimate music. However, they don't rock and they don't do large scale well/

Thanks to ICE technology (at least when it's done right) you no longer need tube amplifcation. See Wyred4Sound amps

You might gain tube warmth from a tube preamp or tube output of your source
Are you talking NOS or reissues?
Mrjstark-- congrats on having a very nice set of mono's.
As configured--each of your mono's with a quad of EL-34/6CA7 are capable of some major dynamic swings and LOUD playback levels with rock and large scale music. This is especially true if your speakers are above 8 ohm impedance and 91db efficiency. Many of the great guitar tube head amps use EL34's and believe me when I tell you--they rock.
As far as Mullard old stock tubes are concerned (not re-issues) they are known to last many thousands of hours as well as having a more tubey old school sound than the more modern production. I would recommend some of the newer production tubes for you as two matched quads of original Mullards will run you Approx. $800.00 The new Groove Tube Mullard reissue are claimed to be very good. It would be a good idea to state the type of sound you are shooting for.
Tweak1 , addiction is stronger - thanks & sorry but will stick with tubes for now. I also think that there is a huge misunderstanding on the characteristics
of new and old/vintage sound of tube gear. But that issue was beaten to the ground and opening this can of worms will take away from the actual question in hand. Some of non tube gear that I like are: DarTZeel gear (nice but price is beyond me) and
Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 amp - which I really like and see myself building a system around it.