Mullard EL-34 reissues

Anyone tried the Mullard EL-34 out put tubes. I have heard phenomenal reviews from two sources. One being upscale audio. i am a little hesitant based on EL-34 tubes reputation for being soft at the extremes... What amp are you using. I have the TAD-60s and replaced with the new Tung Sol 6550s...

I really like the Svetlana "cryo" el34 quad (thor tpa 30).
Sounds great even a touch better than the non cryo Svet. Has a touch more sweetness and refinement. Some people say the new Mullard is just a new lable..Not sure but i'd be suspiciuos...
I've tried all the currently manufactured EL34 types, including the Mullard reissues (had one go bad after two months, was arcing badly and blew several fuses before I said "nuts") but by far the KT77 tubes offered by Rogue Audio are the best I've had in my system.
I'm running them now in my amps - replaced two sets of JJ's. So far, they have a very smooth sound, and have operated without incident.