Mullard 12au7 cv4003 tubes? any good?

anyone using the mullard 12au7 tubes that are from the late 70's early 80's? Many seem not to like them, but they are easily had at reasonable cost, so I was wondering if there are any more detailed opinions out there. It is for a Unison Unico integrated. Thanks,

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They don't have the richness of other earlier mullards or the tung sol black glass, and don't have the extension of the telefunkens either. There are a lot of choices in 12au7s. The late Mullards are better than current stuff but really can be bettered even in that price range regardless of tastes...

For reasonably priced tubes instead of the reference ones I just mentioned, check out Westinghouse and valvo, or run your tastes by one of the small tube gurus from audiogon for some rarer selections (I can recommend several I trust if you like).

Good luck!