Mulitple amps for 7.1???

I have a Monster Power 5 channel amp running my speakers (150 x 5), but my receiver is 7.1 To get good power to all speakers, can I use another amp that has more power to the front 3. Thinking of the Monster 3 channel that has 250 x 3.

I know that it can be done, just wondering if it will blend in ok or if it is not suggested.

Thanks for the help. I know there is not a lot out there for 7.1, just thinking ahead... I hope.
You can, how it blends will depend on the amps used. Since both are from the same maker, it should work, but I have had issues doing this as different amps even from the same maker can respond differently at different levels.

You also realize you would only need a 2 channel amp right? Unless you were trying to maximize the balance across the front.
Your best bet/cheapest way is to get a 2 channel amp for the rears or sides. The difference from 150 watts to 250 is less 3db increase and may not do a heck of a lot?
Thanks for the info!!!