Muddy Waters Tribute

I just watched the Muddy Waters Tribute on HD, what a incredable performance with Buddy Guy, Greg Allman, Phobe Snow, Peter Wolf, Keb Moe, Barry Goldberg, Koko Taylor, Nick Gravinetis, Johnny Johnson, Charlie Musselwhite, GE Smith, Peter Wolf, Charlie Musslewhite, etc. What an great show it was priceless watching this Muddy gave birth to electric Blues and Rock & Roll, I wish more people realized what Blues has meant to music over the years without the Blues there would be no Rock & Roll!
Sorry I missed it, sounded like a great show. I just picked up a CD called "Alone & Acoustic" by Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, terrific. They make it sound so easy. I agree, Blues deserve much of the credit for much of today's music success.
''Da Blues had a baby....and they called it rock and roll''......
Muddy is the man.
Folk Singer sez it all... Muddy is to the Blues, what the Beatles were to pop. He opened the BIG door for all to see. Thanks for the heads up on the HD I was not aware of it.
But, I gots the times today to goes shopin, and gets me one.
I just bought a DVD titled "Checkboard Lounge, The Rolling Stones and Muddy Waters." Evidently after a 1981 concert in Chicago the Stones rolled into the Checkerboard Lounge to see and play with Muddy Waters. The video quality isn't very good but the sound is great. Junior Wells , Buddy Guy and Lefty Dizz also show up on stage. Mick and the boys seem awful comfy playing with Muddy... and visa versa.

Thanks for the heads up I'll look for it on DVD.