MTV-VMA'S-Does anyone sing live anymore?

After a pleasant Jets Sunday I happened to click on the VMA's. I think there was one performance done live. Even past performers like Christine Aguilera(not a fan of her music but you have to give her props on her voice)who has an amazing vocal range, was in lip sync. mode. The only one who appeared to do a live performance and made mention of it was Kid Rock. Back in the day bands would get up there and actually play. To me it takes away from the sincerity of it. But I guess thats the way things are today...
It's the way things always have been. If you go back to popular music shows in the 50's & 60's, almost all performances were lip-synched -- American Bandstand, Hullaballo, Shindig, Soul Train (boy, am I dating myself!). I guess some of the performances on Ed Sullivan may not have been, but, by and large, lip synch has always been the order of the day.